Glove trouble

Hey, I’m considering getting a pair of gloves, and i’m in a dilemma. I use a pink yoyo with pink strings, so i was wondering, which pair of gloves should i get?

100% WHITE nylon gloves from yoyonation: USD2.49
100% BLACK cotton gloves from yoyoguy: $3.00

if the yoyonation gloves came in black it’d probably be my choice, but now i’m stuck. i want to be able to see the string, so black is probably the best for contrast between the pink string. yet, i’m not sure which material is better.


Honestly, I would recommend the black ones found here:

They’re not as clumsy as some of the other gloves, they fit well, and they LAST.  If you’re interested in billiards, they also double as the best cue glove I have ever used.