Yoyo Gloves?


Hi, when I wear yoyo gloves I use the thick cotton ones you can get a dollar a pair in the winter. Are the silk gloves (like the Duncan glove) better? Do they give more grip? I can’t snap start the yoyo with the cotton gloves on. Do they protect just as much from string burn? The cotton ones get kind of hot.

(UmeNagisa) #2

They’re not silk.
They’re Spandex.
And they’re smoother, but a tad hard to snap still

(M.DeV1) #3

They fit to the hand better considering they are made of a stretch material and you get the correct size.


I’d recommend these gloves. They’re full hand and high quality for a cheap price of $10 for a pair (vs $12 for one partial duncan glove)


Generally you want a nylon/spandex glove. Full spandex aren’t as good. The duncan glove is nylon/spandex.

Snap starting with gloves can be very difficult. I’d recommend hand starting, as seen here, except rather than using your thumb, put the string between your middle and ring finger.



Dang… I wish I knew this 2 days ago when I ordered yye gloves  :-[

(M.DeV1) #6

YYE Gloves are just fine.


yea, but getting a pair instead of just 1 glove would’ve been nice  :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes, I can restart the yoyo both ways. I just didn’t remember the name and thought hand start would be to generic, haha. And I meant spandex, not silk. Another name/memory slip