Queen of Hearts nylon glove review


So, I’ve been searching for the best yoyo gloves for a while. So, I’ve been working through the gloves sections of Amazon trying to find what suits me best. There’s always some issue that I have with them - they loosely fit, they dirty strings (Permanently discolored my V!), they tear, they get holes, or worst of all, they’re expensive! After much research, I’ve finally found a pair of gloves that I can very strongly recommend.

These are the “Queen of Hearts” nylon gloves from Amazon. They cost $10 for a pair (Less that a single duncan glove!)(designated hands), and are made of Nylon/spandex. They come in black, white, and red.

These gloves cover the entire hand and are medium sized, stretching 7.5 inches from wrist to tip of middle finger. The gloves do stretch a little bit, but if you have large sized hands, you might have difficulty squeezing into the gloves. However, for a normal sized hand, these gloves fit beautifully… Like a glove.


Because the gloves are either designated right or left, the stitching can be made to a much better fit, such as between the fingers, or the ‘webbing’, and particularly at the tips of the fingers. This means no more excess fabric flopping about at the tips of the fingers obstructing your grip when you pinch the string. Further, the stitching is quite thin, meaning that you won’t notice the stitching when pinching the string. It’s difficult to show the differences in thickness of the stitching and how it effects play, but these gloves are much, much better than every other glove I’ve tried.


The gloves don’t have a floppy wrist like many gloves. If you’re a fan of wrist wrap tricks like I am, You’ll love the fit on the wrist of these gloves.


Woo-hoo-hoo these gloves are slick. Just as slick or more slick than the Duncan gloves stocked on this site. If you enjoy gloves playing with gloves on, you’ll love these.

Personally, I much prefer the full gloves. I like using my entire hand while doing tricks rather than just my first three fingers, and on humid days it can help by preventing your last two fingers from slowing the yoyo down

I put about 50 hours of throwing into this one pair of glove. They’ve lasted excellently in comparison to other gloves, ignoring one hole (more on that in a minute). They fray in high traffic areas, but their durability and playability holds. The stitching has held well, though a few small sections on the sides of my hand have had a snapped thread or two. Over several pairs these small holes have not grown.

The fray in the high traffic area collects little bits of string, which makes the glove look a little dirty, but it really has no effect on the gloves.


There are a few little threads hanging off the glove, but it’s no big deal - seems like it’s just excess that the company didn’t cut off. The thread can be trimmed but I never got around to it.

Concerning the hole - The area of the hole is a very high traffic area on my hand. I don’t think most people pass the string in this area a lot. Its the spot that I use right after I throw the yoyo and throughout many of my tricks. I’m a little of a unique case - most people who use the entirety of their finger and distribute the wear a rather than a single spot should not have this problem.

Still, regardless of the hole, the durability of these gloves is excellent and exceeds many of the other gloves that I’ve tried. A casual thrower should be able to get many weeks off a single glove before it needs to be replaced.

The Queen of Hearts nylon gloves are the perfect gloves for me. They’re durable, slick, very well fitting, and come in the two most popular colors. If you’re a player who uses gloves and enjoys the benefits that they offer, pick up a pair of these gloves. If you’re a player who’s never used a pair of gloves before and you’re curious, pick up a pair of these gloves. I’ve pretty much used all of the yoyo gloves out there, and these are the best pair I’ve ever used.

Amazon Link: http://www.amazon.com/Hearts-Spandex-Shortie-Colors-Greatlookz/dp/B00ALYAQT0
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