New Feeling Nylon YoYo Gloves!

New Feeling Nylon Gloves have quickly become the ‘standard’ glove for yoyo competitors across the globe!

Made from 100% nylon, the material is very thin so you can easily feel the string through the glove as you play which is a game changer. The nylon itself is slick and the string slides off effortlessly, making high-speed play even faster.

These gloves are considered one size fits all as they stretch extremely well over most hand sizes. They can be used as either your right or left hand.


I need to one of these up but I’m broke😩


I PMed you…

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Yo same I have massive hands and the ones I have don’t fit and are like cotton feel ya bro @Legit_yoyostrings

I have larger hands too (I wear an XL Ski/Snowboard glove) and found these Nylon Gloves to be stretchier than some others. They looked super small initially and I didn’t think they would fit, but when you take the time to put them on they stretch perfectly. No weird webbed finger look like I get with other yo-yo gloves lol.

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Ok I’ll consider it

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