Glove recommendations

Could someone recommend some good yoyo gloves? And if possible a size recommendation? The only glove I’ve ever had is the cloth one that comes bundled with most Magic Yoyo’s. Little info:

I’d prefer a full glove and not the 3 fingered ones.
I’ve got small to medium hands. All fingers besides the pinky are between 2 1/2 - 3 inches. From wrist to middle fingertip is 7’’.
I would like to get 2 gloves in a pack instead of just one for the throw hand.

New feeling. I believe that is what they are called at least :stuck_out_tongue: I believe quite a few of the glove wearing pros use those.


Burton glove liners. You can find them pretty cheap on Amazon or whatnot. They last forever, fit really snug and don’t stretch out. They also work on touch screens, which is helpful for when I’m learning a trick on my phone, don’t have to take a glove off every time I want to pause or rewind.

For sure! Nothing wrong with New Feeling Gloves. I just prefer Burton liners. Was just providing an alternative to someone interested in glove options.

Interesting. Looks like you have to be careful buying these though because some have that rubbery no-slip material on the palm or inner fingers.

You must be talking about the “Burton Touchscreen Liner.” According to amazon it’s 88% polyester and 12% Spandex. I don’t know how that would compare nylon gloves but I’m sure it would work.

Good call, yeah it’s the version without the rubber! Generally speaking nylon and polyester act pretty similar. I’ve gotten them for around $10 a pair, which at that price I think are definitely worth a try.