Best yoyo gloves?

I started to learn some pretty fast tricks like iori yamaki speed combo and I want a glove to reduce the friction and let me go faster, what do you guys reccomend?

I have heard that the “new feeling” gloves are really nice… Never personally tried them however (mainly because Yoyoexpert doesn’t carry them).

Have you tryed the hyper hyper? Its the most expensive one on Newegg so I had my mom buy it for me. Works pretty good so far

Hey I sense I’m a little older than the crowd here. Sorry to get off track but not familiar with the iori yamaki speed combo? Can someone enlighten me? I was hoping to get back into yo yoing but so much has changed since I was younger. I used to do basic routines (burp the baby, into a slush wheel etc.) but feel like all this new lingo is foreign to me? Thanks in advance!

Currently using “new feeling”, top notch!

No problem and welcome back!

Mr. Matio makes awesome tutorials of people’s combos!
If you ever need help, let us know!

Lol, it costs more to ship new feeling gloves than than the gloves themselves!

Forget what they’re actually called, but Burton glove liners. They fit the best, last the longest, and I can even use my phone with them. Which is great for on-the-go learning. Don’t have to take off my glove every time I want to stop/start a video. I’ve found them on sale for $10 a pair, not half bad.

The something gloves are the only gloves on YYE that look good. I have 7 and 3/4 inch hand (middle finger to bottom of palm), how big would my size be?

Large, or XL if they have it I assume… I got medium for myself and one of them was a bit small…

Thanks, lol I ended up getting the medium because I had to order quickly so i didnt see your post, the glove is ok. At first it was hard to get on but i managed and it stretched a bit so it fits perfect and snug now. But to be honest, my pool glove works better than it… ;D