Yoyo gloves

What type of yoyo gloves should I get?

Just get Duncan gloves from YYE.

ya or from amazon…

thats where I just bought my Duncan gloves

auto zone…

Duncan Gloves = awesome even if you got big hands. Which I do.

I’d go out to walmart… And in the sports isles look for the billiards section… They have gloves just like the duncan ones, but they dont say duncan… And they look and pretty much are the same… Or if you want like the full hand cotton or poly gloves go to a tuxedo or costume shop.

This way you dont have to pay shipping

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I really like the 100% Nylon Gloves. There’s awesome for grinds, sweaty hands, fast play, and get rid of that string burn. I really think you should get some, and they’re cheap. PM me for the link.

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/i never understand how to throw a yoyo while wearing a glove, I wear 1…Its soooo slippy…

On really hot days I like to wear a pair of gloves… You get used to it… pretty nice actually…