Duncan Glove

Does any body know when there will be more Duncan medium size black yoyo gloves ???

Best way to find out would be to email YYE. There are other sites that do offer them, just google it.
“Medium duncan glove”

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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Get a yoyoexpert contest glove. they are cheaper and look to be better made.

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get a billiard glove. They’re virtually identical products, just you can get billiard gloves locally.

Thanks all try most of your opinions ;D

I can’t think of a store that would carry them. I searched Dicks sporting goods but they’re not there.

check google maps for a billiards specialty store perhaps? I have one near me, but they may be rarer than I thought.

Actually our gloves are identical with billiards gloves, it’s literally the same material. I bought a Duncan glove to try it out and didn’t like it but I play pro-am billiard tournaments and knew right away what glove it was. Last time I went to the pool hall I was wearing my cascade on my hip and my Duncan glove for shooting pool and everyone was asking if Duncan was for YoYo or if they started making stuff for pool cuz they had never seen duncan on a billiard glove. I told them it was as YoYo glove, just same thing so I put in permanently in my pool case. I also got to put on a 10 min show for everyone, seeing they just thought YoYo was for looping. It was a blast to see there faces after i was doing some of the advanced tricks like grandma kimmet sandwich, ladder escape, and they really liked the slack tricks and gyro flop.

Just thought I’d share.

Where does one find this YoYoExpert contest glove of which you speak?


Duncan gloves -are- billiard gloves… just branded with a Duncan logo… same for any others.

Google search for billiard supplies in your area, I’m sure somebody sells them. They’ve been used for yoyo gloves long before Duncan ever started branding their own…