Where to find good gloves

Does anyone know where I could find a pair of good (preferably black) gloves for yoyoing? Or does anyone know where professional players get theirs?

Just look up “glove”.

I have. My friend has bought the large black sOMEThING glove but it is way to small for both of us. I don’t really like look of gloves that have only three fingers, and so I’m trying to find gloves like sOMEThING has, only bigger.

I bought a 10-pack of billiard gloves off of amazon for, like, $12. They’re working much better than I expected them to, but the ones I got do have the 3-finger cutout.


I’ve tried three different brands of yoyo gloves, and the only one I like is the 3-finger glove that comes with cheap MagicYoyo beginner kits (like the K-1).

I second this. The seam is a bit thicker than it is on yoyo gloves, but it doesn’t affect its function in my experience. Worth a try.

Aren’t those pretty small though?

They are spandex so they stretch to a degree. Plus, my hands a somewhat small.

My hands fall into the large category. They’re eight inches long

here at yoyoexpert obvi