Black Gloves?

Anyone know where i can get a pair?
Not like for 3 fingers, but the whole hand
Also, not like $10 per gloves crazy ones :slight_smile:


For yoyo gloves you don’t want your normal department store work gloves, you want a very tight nit glove. Other than buying a glove that is made for yoyo online the closest thing you are going to get locally is silky concert band glove, if you have a local music store you can get them there probably, just buy them small. These normally come in white but you might be able to find a black pair.
Edit: another thing I’ve used “stole from my girl” we’re these like hand treatment gloves from manicures or something, no idea where you find them but they were really tight not and worked really well lol ;D

You need a latex glove… That sounds bad.

Why no three finger gloves?