What gloves do you guys recommend?

After playing in the park a few days ago, I had someone go up to me and ask me if I played pool(coincidentally another one of my hobbies) because of the 3 fingered Duncan yoyo glove I was wearing. That made me do a few Google searches to find that some brands of billiards gloves do indeed appear to be the same as Yoyo gloves(and some at a lower price!). They are similar in shape and material. Can I trust any of these?

Gloves I’ve seen in use include magician-style gloves(like Mickey often uses), the Duncan glove, and I understand Marcus Koh uses some Vietnamese yoyo glove?

My duncan glove is breaking down and I might want to get a replacement, possibly 2(one for both hands), but I don’t want to spend as much on gloves as I would a lower end yoyo.

Yeah the billiard gloves should work just the same… I have a pair of black cotton gloves, or magician-styled as you said… I don’t wear them a lot though. During the summer when its hot and humid I’ll put them on because my hands get sticky.

Pick up a billiard glove at a sporting goods store, mine was about $3, and it gets the job done just fine.

Sometimes something gets marked up because of how it’s being presented. Worse case: buy and try something. If you don’t like it, don’t try it again.

Speaking of price gouging, I’m at Disneyland right now, where the Duncan Imperial sells for $11 and the ProYo sells for $13. Locally to me, the Imperial sells for $5 and the Flying Panda is on sale for $7 at Big 5(even here near Disneyland). I may cruise the magic store again today and pick up a couple of tricks that are reasonably priced(good luck with that price part!) My movement is highly restricted, so I have no chance of going other places.

Marcus Koh uses the H-glove from vietnam yoyoing community.

I had almost the same thing happen to me, I needed to use my glove so I could yoyo properly and my friend asked if it was a billiard glove since they basically look exactly the same.

So would the Scorpion glove for billards on Amazon work?

I dont see why any billard or really any glove for that matter wouldnt work. I stock up during the fall months on run of the mill cotton gloves. Think at target i picked up a couple of 4 pair packs for 40 cents a piece. Thats a dime per pair!