i had some black gloves that messed up the string so is there like a special material. i cant buy any thing off line for a while


Billiard Gloves.


my cuzin once dressed up like Michael Jackson(RIP) and i used one of the gloves he had


i believe they sell gloves here.


he cant buy online


Billiard gloves sound like a good choice. I’m pretty sure they’re made to reduce friction specifically. For the uber cheap solution, just get a white 100% cotton glove.



Duncan Gloves are Billiard Gloves, but with the fingers cut off.


hey i’m looking for the kind of gloves mickey uses, not that i’m copying him. just looking for something of the same material, and preferably covers the whole hand (all 5 fingers). any idea what kind of gloves are they? i’m looking for black ones :slight_smile:

(Mitch) #9

Im not sure what mickey uses but you can get 100% cotton gloves in white and black at most tuxedo shops and costume stores…


If you need gloves just to protect your hands from a way responsive yo-yo then I would suggest bike gloves that do not cover your fingers, or some other type of gloves that does not cover your fingers, in fact I use that type of gloves especially when I practice my throw to get longer sleepers on my Fast 201. (I think they sell them at Walmart.)


They are a spandex type of material. Call a billiards supply place and ask them if they have the 5 fingered gloves or just the three fingered ones.

(Yo!It'sMatt) #12

I think they sell cotton gloves at pharmacy’s like walgreens.


I use those winter gloves you get at Target.

Another Spin on things: I think Mickey uses nylon gloves:


i’m guessing that the best material for yoyo gloves is nylon. and are billiard gloves of this material?

(JonasK) #15

I think billiard gloves are made out of some spandex stuff, but I’m not sure.