Where to buy magic yoyo gloves


I really like the gloves that magic yoyo bundles with a lot of their products, but I’ve lost all the ones I have.

I found some blue ones on amazon (link below), but the best I can tell it’s a single glove, and it’s $10. Yes I’m a cheap skate, but that seems high considering they’ve got several yoyo’s under $14 that come with the glove.

Anybody know where I can buy a 2 pack of these gloves cheaper? Or what about the exact same gloves branded under a different name? I’m sure they contract another company to make these gloves and you can buy them generic without the logo.

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(Jacob Waugh) #2

Buy magicyoyos, and you get gloves and bags and strings in them.

(Tyler) #3

You could probably use billiards gloves. I don’t use gloves though so I’m not sure if the material is the same

(ClockMonsterLA) #4

Yes, billiard gloves are (usually) the same spandex material as yoyo gloves. And they tend to be cheaper as you can buy them in packs of 10. I too like the Magic Yoyo gloves, but billiard gloves are a great and inexpensive alternative.


Yeah Billiards gloves are the same material, I use the same gloves for yoyoing and pool :joy::+1:


Thanks guys.

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