Need help ASAP! yoyo glove

I am thinking of trying one of those gloves to increase my speed and decrease burn. But I don’t know if they are able to be worn on both hands. Can someone give me a micro review?

They say they can be worn on either hand. You’re talking those “yoyo specific” gloves, right? The three-finger thing?

I think some players are using some sort of different type of glove that is hand specific. I think there was a link someone posted a while back.

I have a duncan glove that is sold here on yye it is reversable so it can be worn on both hands
but I never use it… lol… I just deal with string burn

I never got why people always said they should only be worn on the freehand.

What’s the point of having one slick hand and one sticky hand?

I haven’t worn them for years, but life is about balance, whenever I played with gloves (both Duncan and full hand white poly gloves) I always used them on both hands.

Most are NOT hand specific. The 5 fingered ones may be so…

I see people wear them on both hands all the time.
just look at mickey.

I can see people not wanting to wear one on their throwing hand, mostly because I think it would affect feel. But, with practice, I suppose you learn how it feels with gloves on. Just like anything else, once you acclimate yourself to it, it probably won’t matter much after that.

I also agree with the issue of balance. In my opinion, it makes more sense for both hands to have the same if not similar play response. But I think the reason people only use one glove is because they don’t want the glove throw hand middle finger so as not to affect feel there.

If you haven’t used gloves before, and say you’re not familiar with the humidity at Worlds, I am not sure it would be such a good idea to switch to gloves right before a major competition. I would thing the gloves would be a bit slippy.

For me, a similar thing is in-ear monitors. I don’t force them on users because if they aren’t used to it, it’s not something they are going to want to switch to at a gig. The isolation is not a familiar feeling to such performers. As such, some performers, such as guitar, actually prefer not using in-ears, because they lose some of that “guitar sound”.

one thing I saw someone do at worlds was cut off the middle finger on their TH glove. then you get the benefit of faster play/less string burn, while keeping some of the feel of throwing without gloves.

Also, if you have any stores near you that sell billiard gloves, you could check those out. they’re essentially the same thing as duncan gloves. You might be able to try them on and yoyo with them to see how they feel.