Do you wear a glove for practice/competition?



am curious if any of you younger or older throwers use or have used a glove?

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I do sometimes if I’m getting attacked by stringburn or if I’m outside and it’s humid but I like that bare skin feeling.


Yeah I actually have a giant callus on my middle finger from yoyoing all the time.


I am thinking about one, sometimes I get cracked callouses right on the finger joints I have those oldman hard working hands and find the string always finds it way there, also I started to notice a burn when I finally nailed the boomerang.


I think it’s a lot more important for offstring tricks. Good luck with that offstring boingy boing if you don’t have a glove


I do they help the string slide silky smooth around your hand. And I don’t get cracked dry fingers.

(Erik Kerber ) #7

I usualy don’t use one. But if I’m about to compete and my hands are getting sweaty I’ll put one on.


Thanks so much for your input fellow members.

My hands get cracked from outside sun and wind and though I have never worn one I am going to pick one up and try it out - gloves are hard for me as I like the real feel too.

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(Bína) #9

For contest I dont use gloves, I use spray to keep hands dry. Gloves imho always lower precision of your fingers. If you want to compete with gloves, I highly recommend also practicing with them.

But I found gloves to be great when you start with horizontal combos, string is rubbing on new part of your hands and it can cause some damage to them.

Also maybe buy more gloves at once, you can ruin them quite fast.