What sort of gloves do you guys who live in tropical climates use? I’m trying to not buy the official duncan or any official yoyo brand gloves. What other types of gloves are good for yoyoing? I was thinking the gloves that people wear to go to opera shows or wedding gloves.

Billiard gloves are what is normally used.

Either snooker/billiards gloves or just plain white cotton gloves from the supermarket or department store.


Like above posts I use cotton gloves and stuff. But if you don’t want to try those, you could get fingerless paintball gloves…
I don’t know why you would say tropical climates and all tho…

When I was on holiday in New Zealand (Not too tropical but warm enough in summer), I couldn’t use any branded glove, I took my duncan glove over with me and found my hand sweated just too much when I wore it leaving the glove moist and horrible.

I usually just use fingerless gloves, I bought some Mountain Biking Gloves and took the rubber grips off of them and they work perfectly for what I need.

I use the Zeekio glove it’s great fits tight and a tad bit thicker then the duncan and holds tight around the wrist

I say tropical climates because of the humidity in the air, makes string burns nasty on moist hands!

Also hurts the grindability of a yoyo and makes some just feel gross


What could be some fun designs to have on some gloves? I was thinking Mickey Mouse gloves. What designs do you guys have on yours gloves. Upload a picture too if you want. It’d make it just that bit more interesting.