advice from throwers in the orlando florida area...

Howdy all,
I’m making the trip to see Mickey at the end of this week, and i’m not sure what to expect in the area of yo-yoing in all that humidity. I know it is horrible, but a person can still throw, right? Do i need to bring a lot of strings with me? How does the humidity effect bearings? I ask since i run mine dry. Will i possibly have a problem with that? And i guess i would wonder if I’ll get stopped by the anti-yoing gestapo police dudes and be told to “put that away or else”.

 Also, if anyone else has recently been there, and can give some insight to what you may have experienced, please enlighten me.

Thanks to all
old dog…

:smiley: woof woof peace out (from the daughter)

No problems. It’s nice this time of year. 85 today and breezy

It’s nice here I don’t think you’ll have to worry I’ve lived here all my life (one hour drive from Orlando) and it hasn’t made things too difficult. And no there isn’t any police that should stop you. At least I never have seen them…

If it does get humid, baby powder will save your life.

I know this is sad, but I just have to say that when you said you’re going to see Mickey, I thought you were referring to Mr. Suzuki…

I went to Disney in the middle of the Summer a couple years back and yoyo’d quite a bit. It’s one of the most awesome places to yoyo, in fact, because there are so many long lines where people are just itching for a little bit of entertainment, and such a unique skill is just the thing. Have a blast, man.

i was going, YOUR MEETING MICKEY!! OMIGOSHCANAICOMEZ!!! then, o wait, the mouse.

it isnt to bad down here in FLA nothing really affects yoyos (AFAIK)

All I can say is that if you’re going to Disney world…bring some kids…It’s more like a place for them…and Mickey is just some dude in a costume…and he won’t really talk to you that much…or hang out and grab a beer….

I’ve got the kid thing covered, my 10 year old daughter, back in 1991, i was able to escort some Russian Navy sailors to Disney World, we got first class treatment that day, and I can honestly say that both Mickey and Minnie do not and will not talk…but any way back to the main question. Will i need to bring 10-15 extra strings to deal with the humidity?

It all depends on the weather. It’s the same here as it is a lot of places. Take extra string and hope all is well. Besides who doesn’t travel with extra string in their pocket?

that was my first impression too

You guys are Sooo one dimensional… :wink:

one dimension, try 0d

yup. we are just tiny lil’ points in space :smiley:

That’s what happens when you post something about Mickey on a yoyo forum… haha


I should had said Minnie ;D ;D ;D

thanks for all the posts, i’m really looking forward to going there now that i can do something while waiting. HMMMM checklist: strings (check) yo-yo’s (check) ready to have a blast with the family (check check)

old dog