Throwing Down at Disneyland - nobody cares!


Been gone a few days. Miss me? Probably not. Skip to the end. Don’t read. Close this window.

Selected some throws for my trip, which oddly was mostly Hiroyuki Suzuiki signature throws. This is funny mostly because at Disneyland, Mickey Mouse is in charge, while in the yoyo world, Hiroyiki Suzuki, AKA Mickey, is in charge after his Worlds 2012 1A win. This isn’t coincidental for me though, his stuff works ideal for me.

What was my go-to carry? DM2 on a “competing company’s yoyo holder”. It stayed on my side the entire trip. Didn’t get a rise out of security, part visitors, cast members or really anyone except at the hotel. One guy asked what it was and I told him. He was impressed with how it looked. I couldn’t do a demo because my hands were full of luggage I was taking to the vehicle to load for leaving.

Unable to throw the entire trip. No time.

Disneyland does carry some Duncan. Butterflys, Imperials, ProYos and ProFly’s, all at ABOVE reasonable costs! Not even special graphics to justify the purchase either.

I did check in nightly here, posting as applicable. I needed to wind down after a long day of 4 kids and a wife taking turns attitude tripping.

Now, here I am, safely back home, surrounded by the same screaming kids who have cost me several business calls today since they can’t keep quiet and I can’t keep putting clients on hold to calm the kids down.

Vacation was fun. A couple of notes or words of warning. The new Cars Land is pretty neat. An old ride was re-done from the ground up: Flying Saucers has been super-sized into Luigi’s Flying Tires. This was very fun and actually not too bad to control. Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree can whip you a bit, so be prepared. Radiator Springs Racers is hit or miss. If you can’t get in the park when it opens or get a Fast Pass as soon as the park opens, count on a 2 hour line(at least) even when the park is dead. Fast Passes go fast for the entire day within 20 minutes. Since we could never get there in time, we could not enjoy this ride. Also, now that the construction walls have been down since May, the park is way more open. There are more cross-connects between areas, especially in Flick’s Fun Fair, making avoiding parades and general park movement much more enjoyable. Only real notes about Disneyland is the upgraded Matterhorn is 6 riders per train now, not 8, and each person has their own seat. Autopia has various height restrictions, requiring a minimum height to enter, Captain Eo is missing fog and laser effects but is otherwise unchanged. My annual passes expire on the 19th, so I won’t be back this year. I’m already planning going back next November.

Skill report: No improvements. I’m stuck for now in 1A, while I mess with a bit of 4A and a lot of 2A to keep things fresh. 2A loops are improving right hand only. Muscles in left hand and arm are too sore so I’m taking a break there. This is the same stuff when I began 18 months ago. Hop the fence is good, and I still need to work on outside loops but those are coming as well. I still need to get Boomerang, Boing-E-Boing and Rewind from Advanced Part 1, and Mondial on Advanced Part 2, grinds and other stuff. 4A progress isn’t much either.

Depression check: It’s kinda spinning hard right now. Vacation only took a bit of edge off it. Too much negativity going on around me, surrounded by too much stupidity, along with people not paying me back on time(fellow YYE user who knows who he is and shall remain nameless: this DOES NOT apply to you! No worries!) I will say without yoyo, it would be really bad. It is about the only thing that keeps my mind off it. I just keep refining and honing what I do know. I know it will soon be time to push myself again.

Returning home from the vacation, I find my dogs and fish neglected and my house full of poo and pee. Disneyland is about an 8 hour drive on average, so after 7.5 hours in the car(yes, we beat the average!), I arrive home at around 9:10PM, and from 9:30PM to 3:45AM, I was cleaning the house up with a complete lack of cleaning products. You want to know a secret? Those steam cleaning things really DO work. We have one of those Shark things, and I gotta say, as much as I hate cleaning in the early AM, those things do work and they work well! Not to sound like a commercial, but I’ve had this for over 4 years and it just freakin’ works fantastic. I love this thing. It has an cover for cleaning carpets, and 3 sizes for hard floors. I guess if you gotta make cleaning and sanitizing easy, cheap and for lack of a better term, fun, then this ain’t a bad investment. I need new covers though: DO NOT toss in the drier!

Other stuff: Been cleaning a lot of bearings and treating with Terrapin X Dry Play. The differences have been a massive improvement over performance as shipped.

Skip Keith Mitton has completely turned me off Werrd products. I had many Werrd items I wanted to get: Irony, Irony JP, Poo and I think the Pacquio, Hour and Sentinel. Not any more. Seems he feels being discourteous and aggressive on other people’s Facebook pages is a good way to conduct oneself. Keep in mind, when one represents the brand, it may have consequences towards how others react to certain behaviors. With 15 minutes, I decided I had had enough and so I’ve removed his comments and removed my interest in the brand. Werrd: Feel free to contact me DIRECTLY if you wish to salvage your image in my mind, because until further notice, as far as I’m concerned, Werrd is a brand that no longer exists outside of my TFL and 4XL. I dislike taking this approach. It’s not my style. Skip decided to provoke me over my bearing cleanings. I wasn’t really taking the the hook he was trying to dangle. I guess I should have left things along for posterity, but I felt when he started demanding bearings and such, that’s when it was time for him to be removed. So, again, Werrd, it’s on you now. I know my dollars mean nothing in the bigger scheme of things, but with money to spend, I can just spend more on other brands. I know this means little to nothing to Werrd, since by the time I spend, they’ve already gotten their money from the distribution/reseller.

(M.DeV1) #2

Can’t wait to check out Radiator springs next summer. I think the lines were just long cause its new. I’m more of a frontier land guy myself anyway.


damn i gotta get that shark!! lol crazy how you had a yoyo on you the whole time but never used it


Just drop me off at Disneyland and I’m a happy dude. Any ride(yes, ANY!!), any show, anything… I’m down with it. Matterhorn is one of my all time favorites. I will not deny Big Thunder Mountain it’s due!

The crowds were worse than when I went in late May/June. 3-day weekend for Veterans day. Insane. You’d think May/June would be packed due to kids out of school, but we never waited more than 20 minutes in any line. We did skip California Adventure due to time constraints. We were staying with friends so we had to come back sooner, and then using the parking lots and their buses wasted all sorts of extra time.

But back to “no throw while on the go”. It was either too tired, too crowded or doing something else. At least I had the option available!


Ah, family vacation. I only have two children and a wife and most days I’m exhausted by 7pm. Can’t imagine what Disneyland would do to me. :wink:

On the other hand, I’m not really a Disney theme park kind of guy. I like rides, pure and simple… so something like Canada’s Wonderland or a Six Flags is more my speed for a one-day trip.

Yoyo… I’m stuck in 1A as well, but mainly for lack of making time to learn new stuff whether it’s challenging or just “different”. Might try some of the Monkeyfinger tutorials to mix it up and have a break from “the list”.

Werrd… that’s weirrd. I’m using the clean + DryPlay routine in half my throws as well (that stuff produces a “hiss” that’s not as quiet as oil and I need quiet sometimes!) so I don’t know what there could possibly be to complain about. It takes standard bearings up to a whole new level if you do it right.

(Waylon) #6

Cheap terry cloth towels cut to size and fat rubber bands will do nicely to replace steam shark pads without the expense of buying overpriced replacements.


No cheap towels or rubber bands around.

The think I don’t like about Six Flags is that it’s “line/ride”, nothing in between for the most part. “Wait in line, then get on ride”. I prefer the Disney experience where they OFTEN(not always) try to keep you at least visually engaged. Haunted Mansion entertains you with the pet cemetery and the family crype as well as the topiaries and the funeral wagon. During Halloween, they overlay the attraction with the Nightmare Before Christmas to add additional outside visual elements. At California Adventure across the way(also Disney), it’s more “modern” from the standpoint of less theming in some areas, so more bland wait areas. Not to gripe, but with a 2 hour wait for an attraction with the wait queue winding through Cars Land, it wasn’t exactly the right kind of theming! However, for a day trip, Disney is far too expensive, it’s a multi-day trip for me. I need my break from reality. Considering I’m working well over 100 hours a week every single week, I need downtime!