Today's Adventures in Yoyo'ing, June 24 Weekend Update edition

I had back to back shows on the 22 and 23rd. I was doing sound for a Rocky Horror Picture Show shadowcast. I’ve never seen Rocky Horror Picture Show before. Now that I’ve seen it, I can honestly say that I don’t like it. The next night, same venue, Repo, The Genetic Opera shadowcast performance, where I do sound AND lighting. Show is heavily automated. I got some time to throw on breaks Saturday. I won over SuperFan Kim(one of the show’s regulars and a nice lady) and she was a former thrower, so I may be able to bring her into modern throwing. She loved the Zombie Thunderstorm Code2, but since she couldn’t bind, she’s not ready yet. I may have won a few other converts. We’ll see! I was constantly asked to do silly tricks like Walk the Dog, Eiffel Tower and Rock the Baby, which I gladly did.

Playing my new KLR and my Sky Walker. The KLR came in on Saturday. I couldn’t get it since I was doing that event. Having that information helped keep me going!.. Counting down the hours until I could get it. So, I get home at 1:30AM. I had to get some stuff out of the truck and at around 2AM, I went outside to the mailbox to get my “care package” from YYE. Nothing special, just the KLR(not the wood case version) and a YYE sticker! I got a blue DieNasty from BST, which plays every bit as I expected it to, which is fine considering I have a glowing one. I also got a Firmy, and that’s pretty darn good as well!

I siliconed a friend’s yoyo, that’s always fun. I actually enjoy siliconing yoyos.
I ordered some Magic YoYo’s, one for my son, one for me.

I’ve been doing a lot of bearing cleaning. My son got a Metal Drifter, so I cleaned out that bearing and it’s acting practically dead unresponsive. He lost the guts to one of his two ProZ’s, so I bought a replacement and cleaned that bearing out too(got it at the same time as the metal drifter). I’m going to reclaim that “no innards ProZ” for modification parts. I got 2 Flying Pandas, one I modified with other ProZ mod spacers ad a 4mmX30mm bolt, which is essentially a FHZ axle. The bearings in the Flying Pandas I got were full of GREASE. Now that they are clean, those throws spin like speed demons!

I cleaned a batch of C-sized bearings, now they are spinning amazing. I cleaned the bearings in my Speed Maker and Kickside. WOW!! They play great now. I swapped the bearing from my Pinnacle with something better a while ago. I put it’s stock bearing back in now that it’s been clean. Oh wow!

I finished a case modification(adding foam I was cutting) so now my off-string-centric case can hold 24 “regulars”, but I cut 2 holes bigger to hold the Flying Pandas., and am debating either using the same 2" foam for another smaller case, or get 1.25" foam. I have other stuff to figure out, such as “do I have e big enough block to fit the new case” kind of stuff. I don’t want to do it with 2 blocks, I’m not going for a “Ghetto Fab” case. It’s bad enough the foam is green, but I don’t want to do this as 2 pieces. All this just to try to keep my stuff nice and safe. Since this case can only really hold 12, I can cut some smaller holes to hold CW’s in it, so the odds are I might make this case kind of 5A-oriented.

I also ordered a case(sorry YYE, came from somewhere else), which came in Thursday, but apparently I needed to sign for this. I couldn’t sign for it since I was in the shower. Wife was supposed to pick it up Friday, flaked. Was going to get it Saturday, flaked again. I will be picking it up Monday.

Cases help keep my stuff mobile, organized and reduce the clutter. Just gotta keep the wife happy!

No trick advancement. I can say my 5A spin times have improved. I have my glowing DieNasty set for 5A, as well as my Pinnacle. I think my spin times have improved because my throw itself is improving as well as hitting cleaner. 4A stuff is getting easier, of what little i do. Eli hops aren’t improving, but aren’t getting worse either. I just haven’t had that much time to practice.

I’m planning a trip to LA area next week for a fast Disneyland trip. Since our annual passes won’t let us into the park on Saturday, we’re going to the beach. Personally, sand and water aren’t interesting to me, so I’m trying to get to the Sunshine Kite Company in Redondo Beach. If they want to bake their brains on the sand, then so be it. Me, I’ve seen sand, I’ve seen ocean. A lovely combination of wet, dry, damp, hot, burning and gritty. I’ll bring my KLR wit me and maybe my Essence and some other nice throws when I head down south. I can’t take too much, just a few choice items that will fit in my YYE medium bag. That’s good enough!

how do you get the patience to write these! good job and entertaining read by the way!

These are really interesting. :slight_smile:

And if you’re going to the Kite shop this coming Saturday I am SO coming! I can finally get to meet you in person. Let me know if you are going to be there, and when.

My kids are at their grandmother’s place, which is literally down the street. I can see her front porch from my front porch!

Sounds like a plan. If that goes down, let me know what throws I should bring that you might want to try out. I’m definitely taking my KLR on this trip. Might have to take the Sky Walker too. I always have my DM2 on me. I don’t intend to take a lot with me though. For a short trip, I downscale.

My cell phone number is on all my posts. Feel free to contact me or PM me. I’ll be checking email and PMs as convenient. However, I will NOT be staying at a hotel so I don’t know if my laptop will have access. My iPhone will have access for sure. I’ll just set it up to also check my YYE-specific account. However, if anyone can figure out my first name, and can tack my domain name to that, separated by the @ symbol, could easily figure out my real email address.

I better work on a couple of new tricks… I got my work cut out. I only have about 60 hours to learn something new!

Just an update:

Not sure what my Saturday plans are. It is doubtful I’m going to Redondo Beach. My wife seems to feel that driving 90 miles to San Diego to get gritty sand in your shorts is a better utilization of time rather than nearby beaches. Regardless, me and the beach don’t get along too well. I figure if she’s willing to drive as far as San Diego from Disneyland to sit in grit, why not drive a third of that and find other ways to use the time, am I right?

Aw man, if you’re gonna be in San Diego, I’d meet up with you; except I’m gonna be camping.

There’s always November!
We have Disneyland annual passes, and this trip is tied to a somewhat “last minute trip”. Unfortunately, with the forced timeline, its preventing me from getting paid, which might impact the trip as well. I think we had a trip planned for August as well. This end of June/beginning of July thing is due to someone from out of country being in the United States for a visit. A little back-story:

He was visiting with family in the Garden Grove area. They took him to the Downtown Disney District and said “this is Disneyland”. He’s up here with us now in Sacramento. He needs to be heading back, so we’re driving down tomorrow. We’re taking him IN the park.

Looks like June 30 at sunshine kite company is a go. As always nothing is for sure when I have my family around. Might be bringing a few new folks into the world of yoyo while I’m at it. Text me at my phone number(in sig) to get latest news or arrange stuff. I’m at Disneyland today and tomorrow so I’m out of touch otherwise

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I thought I was the only one who actually liked siliconing yoyos! LOL.

Seems the adventure ends today. Huntington beach is 10 minutes away. The people I am staying with “want to save me time” which is odd considering all the other time in general has been wasted on this trip(all parties, myself included). Part of this involved a trip to con me out of $170 in expired disneyland tickets.

Odd are redondo beach is out. Now I will be spending a useless 3 hours in sand and grit rather than being semi productive. Still going to push for redondo beach so look for a tan colored hat with my logo on it but don’t expect much.

Text message me for latest news. My old iPhone doesn’t work that great. Thank goodness for the iPhone YYE app!

Heading to redondo beach and sunshine kite company. With 405 and 22 entrances both blocked it’s gonna be a pita to get there and back

Redondo beach happened. Met Newbies United. He got to throw my new Sky walker, klr, arctic circle and my phenom. Got a pair of unleashed from sunshine kite company and got 4 kids into the hobby and maybe 2 of their parents. It was well worth the wait and delay.

More details on a new thread in a couple of days. Heading home Sunday and will rest and resume my regular forum exploding on Monday!

Typing on the iPhone isn’t my ideal platform!

Nice! Sounds like you had a good time.