seriously doe

(Owen) #1

give us a midwesterners a break mother nature


YES. It feels like Michigan (where I live) got thrown into the sun.

(Owen) #3

Wisconsin is supposed to have it bad too. Haha im from MI aswell, were you at MER? If so, what were you wearing/throwing?


This heat is interfering with my throwing.

MI thrower here as well.

(Owen) #5

Its the worst cause I’m tryin’ to get a routine for Ohio States together but my hands are sweatin’ like nobody’s business.


Texas has actually been cooler than usual. Most summers it’s 100°F or more, but it’s been 95 consistently. Not much of an improvement, but better than nothing!

(Owen) #7

I love mornings in Texas. Perfect weather IMO.


Consistently around 100 in West Virginia the past few days. It was like 87 by 8am the other day.


108 today in NJ.


Has been 100 pretty much every day for the past week in CT.


95-105 everyday this past week, and its SOOO humid like omg.


Surprisingly not that bad here in ga




The highest ita been here was like 114, irs usually around 105, but recently its been cooler, like 95-100 :slight_smile:


Yes I was, I was wearing a black shirt with brown/white shorts. I was mostly throwing a white delrin I bought and my Chief.


I have to wear black to stagehand a show, and we had two shows so me and my friends walked down to a pizza place and i was throwing on the way and i was sweating alot because of how hot it was and i got reaally bad string burn.