How's the weather?

(LordCanti) #1

Post all your weather related feelings here! Whether it be anger about that snowstorm, joy of a perfect day on a weekend or just what you see outside.


Absolutely gorgeous day in Sydney which is why I’ve setup a temporary workspace in my backyard today =)



The weather in Michigan likes to toy with your heart. One day it’ll be a sunny 43°F and you catch yourself thinking, “Hey, maybe winter is finally over.” Suddenly your heart beats a little faster, your posture a little straighter. A smile creeps over your face as you salivate over the thought of warm sand between your toes and a cool breeze through your hair. You can almost taste that hotdog cooked over an open fire pit that you and your friends dug in your backyard. The crickets are chirping and a hundred frogs sing their throaty song.

And then it rains and snows on the same day and drops 20°…


here is ohio, the weather changes everyday I swear, friday I think we hit 60 degrees, next day below freezing, we get those super nice days randomly then super cold again, go away winter.

(kclejeune) #5

The. Weather. Is. Amazing.

Yeah no, you can probably guess I’m not in Minnesota anymore.

Florida Keys are soooo nice.


its New York nuff said , I wish I was in AZ right now


(LordCanti) #7

^ It’s the truth… NY weather changes about every five minutes… Unfortunately that means rain, rain, and more rain right now, with a hint of miserable mixed in.


Sucks it snowed march 17th and there calling for snow next Tuesday. I have learned to hate snow now because of this. Maryland has weird weather.
I’m thinking about doing a spring Indian dance thing to get rod of this bad vodoo of snow anyone care to join me?


Rained all day today. I love rain.


Pretty sunny In Cali.


mgodinez: the thread


(Erik Kerber ) #12

it snowed yesterday here in minesota again.


It’s preety bad here in Cali.



MD, were it snowed, it’s beautiful, and it’s going to drop Tuesday… *tear


you win


Rainy then clear then rainy then clear then rainy then clear



Cape Town has been overcast and rainy over the last few days. Finally, Mr Sun poked his head out and today was a beautiful day.

Autumn (Fall) is in full swing and the days are starting to get a little shorter. Sun set at 18:47 today. Winter is coming.


Spring may be coming here (MN), but it sure is taking it’s sweet time.

(Erik Kerber ) #20

oh your from MN I am too

and yes its been spring for like a 2 week’s calender wise but it’s definatly not spring weahter.