That weather, man....

So. I live in Midland,MI, and last night a massive storm came out of nowhere. A lot of trees have been uprooted and a tornado touched down near one of the schools (not much damage, thankfully). A third of the city is without power, including my house, I’m at my community center typing this. Supposedly it’s been like this all over MI. It’s been interesting, to say the least.

Yep, huge storm. Also went through Illinois, Indianna, Wisconsin and Ohio, and probably elsewhere.

Power just went back on! ;D

NJ was clear. Whoop!

Yeah I was in RI through all of it… The funny part is apparently my area of the cities got pretty much nothing but scary skies. Not even rain…

PA too :stuck_out_tongue:

The weather is influenced by our emotions,thoughts,and actions. The earth is a living organism, and storms, or odd weather patterns are a natural cleansing that must occur for their to be balance and healing. Same as with our bodies. Everything is connected. Enjoy the beauty of a storm

If it was always cold, how would you know what hot is?

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Stringking, how far are you from mi

Temperature is relative. In winter months in MN, I can walk around in shorts and a T shirt at 30 degrees in the winter, because it’s “Warm”. If it drops to that temperature in the summer, it is considered cold. mind explodes

I’m in MI.

Kind of hard to do when towns are destroyed and people die as a result.


Duhhh. :wink:

So you’re trying to tell me this big hunk of rock I live on is alive? Interesting. Last time I checked the only living rock around was Geodude.

Yes it’s alive

you dont seem to have much evidence to back this statement up.

Sorry I meAnt Detroit. How far are you from Detroit?

You wouldn’t understand. Everything on Earth is synergistic, giving lifelike energy.

That’s just balderdash.


Again; tell me with proof I cannot deny that the Earth I poop on is alive.

about two hours.