Hurricane Sandy


Who’s getting hit/affected by this? I’m practically getting nailed full force in Ri…:confused:


I will be dealing with it I’m maryland right now Baltimore is sand bagging right now there getting ready for it it hasn’t hit us yet so were just chilling not getting prepared because we don’t need to


well, I wont be seeing any of it, im half way around the world, however I do wish you guys take care of yourselves during the storm :smiley:


Believe me I will I will have my yo-yos on me my iPod and everything I need to entertain myself that and we don’t need to prepare for us our house survived Katrina and Agnes.


I will be having some fun with thia weather. I live just west of Philadelphia. Should be good fun getting to and from work.


@abby referring to Floyd and not katrina?


No our house is 80 years old it’s survived every hurricane in those past years no damage done to it either


Stay safe!


I’m in NH.

I might get a little of the storm.


May it survive another 80 and continue to protect its occupants!


Oh it will we did some renovation to it and its still really strong our house has survived an earthquake too


Im on the NC coast so I am getting plenty of rain right now but no strong winds at the moment. Just have to wait and see what happens. Still cleaning up from Irene last year too.


I’m in florida, 40 mph winds here!


I hope none of you mistook my first post as me getting hit then. I’m getting it tomorrow/monday through possibly tuesday/thursday.


I’m probably going to get hit sometime this week.


Going to get hit tomorrow then it will go on for the next few days.

(Owen) #17

Lol we michigangers are just sitting nice and snug in our happy little land surrounded by five pretty lakes.

Unaffected by hurricanes


I’m gonna continue my semiannual “take a walk in the hurricane wreckage” over here in Maryland


Just some rain and wind where I am(Portsmouth VA). Anyone else near here in southeastern Virginia or northeastern NC?


Pretty bad here in Oregon.