To everyone on the East Coast!

I just wanted to say to everyone on the east coast (including myself in NYC) good luck over the next couple of days with the hurricane!

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I think it just started here. Its raining pretty hard, I live outside philly

Thanks for the luck dude, also its about to start gonna be crazy.
Me and my friends are actually going to be outside to see the action!

What state?

NYC, we can’t wait to yoyo in the Hurricane!, but were gonna be
careful of course. :wink:

it started raining here about 20 minutes ago (right outside Hartford, CT)… not hard yet, but its more than a gentle shower. I’m personally really excited for this, its just an experience that I thought I would never have

I’m in FL so I get too many of these.

Nonetheless, good luck and be safe.

here in richmond virginia its getting pretty nasty. A tree fell on my neighbors house, a tree fell on my other neighbors car, and several trees fell across the road blocking the exit from my sub-division so im stuck. so far i’ve been lucky

I had lots of fun in the hurricane, but i really couldn’t yoyo that good in it,
the wind was crazy and knocked down trashcans and even a streetlight here
in NYC, i spend the whole night outside enjoying myself with my friends ( well in their car), what did
you all in the east coast do?