What will you be throwing during hurricane sandy?


Just a thought, anyone on the east coast, this is the storm to hit the history books. I just wanted to know what yoyo you will be throwing during he floods and power outages.


Haha, probably my Deadly_Spins Wrath!


I’ll be throwing sandbags.

Ok…not really. Hoping it won’t be too bad here. Kinda fixated on the Nessie for the moment.



I’m in NH, so I probably won’t get hit as bad as everybody else, but I’m throwing the Gnarwhal and Trigger today.


Avalanche. No school on Monday or Tuesday for me!!! I LUV U SANDY!!!


Addiction :L


Old yoyojam hurricanes!

Stay safe people!


Probably the usual for me my stackless grind machine and my legacy 2 and maybe my Duncan speed beetle


My La Goutte is my throw of the moment (my new Victory and H5xChief are going to be stuck at the post office >:( ). I wish I had way more glow in the dark stuff though, and maybe some glow stick mod things, cause I reckon it’s going to be difficult to throw in the post-Sandy electricity hole.

(Khent G) #10


(Khent G) #11

Actually Hurricane Sandy will be doing the throwing. Lets hope we dont lose our electricity.

(Owen) #12

Wait, why is this in general Yoyo?


It’s asking what we are throwing during hurricane Sandy…

So yeah… It’a a general topic.


definitly will be throwing my trigger. i have to go in to work so i have my fingers crossed that the power will go out ::slight_smile:


I will be throwing my trusty yoyorecreation Sleipnir, Christopher Chia “Take That” edition.


I am 10 mins from dc but i will be studying more than throwing but if i do get a chance to throw I will be throwing my Classic.


Stargazer, Code2, Chief, heck, i’m gonna throw everything! No School rocks!


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Yoyo jam chaser


I live in VA… I have to work :confused: outside. But i might just bring my psg and camera and get some storm chaser footy hahaaa

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I live in va also, I was trying to get some good footage of sadny, but its just not that bad enough where I am. Maybe tomorrow. Ill be throwin my chief in the meantime.