Summertime throw!

what yo-yo are you guys gana be taking everywhere during the summer? I’m taking my Red/Green M1 EVERYWHERE! just because its smooth and pocket-sized. ;D 2 weeks left !!! for me at least!

TaTa Twister!

kickside,fhz or a protostar(if i get one)

My ever-so-lovable Dark Magic…

…Or maybe a new throw if I get one to celebrate the start of summer

big yo! No JK, I’m rocking my new hitman.

anything that is a yoyo. ;D ;D

Probly my pyro or pyro light, both coming in the mail! SOO EXCITED!!!

What kinda bum buys a red/green m1? Wait… NM… That was me…

Probably my FHZ, Envy 64, Protostar, or a 2010 SEVERE when it hits stores…

Haha , thanks dude i love this yoyo. hows the x-con/dm?

My YYF Genesis (nicknamed Jenny by my friends, and Bob by my sister) xD

Mini-Star and Genesis!

FHZ, 888x, diversion.

probably my CUT or a other yoyo I may get.
(ugh… but my summer starts in 4 week and I still got a lot of projects and finals to deal with :slight_smile:

im diggin my hspin Cut, but i think im about to buy a Punchline!! guy wright is to amazing to pass up!!!

Well considering I’m going to be home everyday of the summer…All of them!!!

wow, considering the amount of throws you have thats gotta be like heaven. I’m probably gonna stick to a pgm once i get one, and maybe my hatrick every now and then if i know its safe.

i still have finals and state tests but im not worried considering i am passing every class with atleast an 80. except for italian . 8)

2 days left for me and i will yoyo every where

Not to hot on the X-con, And I lost the DM to 4A lol… Im sure I’ll find it some day…

my protostar ;D