Summertime throw!


what yo-yo are you guys gana be taking everywhere during the summer? I’m taking my Red/Green M1 EVERYWHERE! just because its smooth and pocket-sized. ;D 2 weeks left !!! for me at least!


TaTa Twister!

(yoyo jake) #3

kickside,fhz or a protostar(if i get one)

(JayVee) #4

My ever-so-lovable Dark Magic…

…Or maybe a new throw if I get one to celebrate the start of summer


big yo! No JK, I’m rocking my new hitman.


anything that is a yoyo. ;D ;D

(_|@<06) #7

Probly my pyro or pyro light, both coming in the mail! SOO EXCITED!!!

(Mitch) #8

What kinda bum buys a red/green m1? Wait… NM… That was me…

Probably my FHZ, Envy 64, Protostar, or a 2010 SEVERE when it hits stores…


Haha , thanks dude i love this yoyo. hows the x-con/dm?


My YYF Genesis (nicknamed Jenny by my friends, and Bob by my sister) xD


Mini-Star and Genesis!

(Johnny rocks!!!) #12

FHZ, 888x, diversion.


probably my CUT or a other yoyo I may get.
(ugh… but my summer starts in 4 week and I still got a lot of projects and finals to deal with :slight_smile:


im diggin my hspin Cut, but i think im about to buy a Punchline!! guy wright is to amazing to pass up!!!


Well considering I’m going to be home everyday of the summer…All of them!!!

(M²) #16

wow, considering the amount of throws you have thats gotta be like heaven. I’m probably gonna stick to a pgm once i get one, and maybe my hatrick every now and then if i know its safe.


i still have finals and state tests but im not worried considering i am passing every class with atleast an 80. except for italian . 8)


2 days left for me and i will yoyo every where

(Mitch) #19

Not to hot on the X-con, And I lost the DM to 4A lol… Im sure I’ll find it some day…


my protostar ;D