What I think Yoyoers Can do For Hurricane Sandy Victims.


Ok, first off, this is a crazy stupid etc. Idea. I also think it can do some good.

Step 1: A respected member of the community holds a contest.
Step 2: A good yoyo is put up as the prize.
Step 3: A 5 dollar entry fee (or more) to the contest is charged, but all money goes to charity
Step 4: One member of the yoyoing community gets a cool new yoyo, and many people are helped.

So, what do you think. I know there are a thousand reasons it won’t work, but there are a few reasons it will work.

(Chase Baxter) #2

That’s a pretty cool idea actually. Someone should contact a company, I know a lot of companies are willing to give something away for something good.


OGT 2?



If anyone is in the Sacramento area and wants to organize a benefit concert, I’m down with providing sound and lighting. Full concert system. I don’t have the time to research venues and insurance and permits, that’s up to the event organizer.

It may not be yoyo related, but we can have yoyo’ers perform. If Chris Allen organizes a yoyo “drive”, I’ll be there.


Operation Gravity Pull :smiley:


Yeah that sounds good epsically for the people in new jersey throwers that and people around there plus for the house that got flooded grrr I just realized are basement and or cellar is flooded try partnering with local areas I there always willing to step in


Any feedback by someone who could actually do a contest like this?


Sure. It’s you!

That’s a great idea. It’s easy… take one of these eBay items you are selling and re-list it with the proceeds going to www.redcross.org.


Think on this for a bit.

If you’d like to help that’s really cool. Really cool. Suggesting someone else does… well… not as cool.


Well I think it’s a wonderful idea. I don’t have the resources or the know-how to do something like this. And I think there are only 2 of us yoyo’ers in my county, but it is a fantastic idea and those with the power and brains to organize something like this in their area should do it, if they want to. Nor could I participate as I am nowhere near good enough to even complete a 1 minute freestyle without making an utter fool of myself. I would think the Big Name throwers could get something like this together though, worldwide. Or maybe not, I don’t know enough about the yoyo scene to say actually. Thoughts and prayers to all those effected. :slight_smile:


To Vegabomb: I definitely could do something over eBay; I did sell some OGT stuff, so I kinda know how that procedure works. What my idea was something over the forums, more like a contest rather than an eBay listing. Charging an admission fee gets money for charities. Keeping the admission fee low means that somebody can possibly get a great yoyo for only 5 dollars or so if they win. The only reason I can’t do it is because I’m not very well known, and myself would really only feel safe doing something like this if it was in the hands of a moderator, or somebody like Sniffy who has done things like this.