Changing the world one throw at a time!

With the recent incident in Haiti and others, humanitarian efforts seem to be on the forefront of all of our minds. I wanted to start this thread to get people thinking of how we can use this skill we all love, yoyoing, for the betterment of the world, even if it is a small change. Why doesnt everybody try come up with an idea or two about how this community of yoyo players could effect the lives of those around us? I’m not looking for specific details, just ideas to toss around. Some ideas I had are:

Organize a charity yoyo competition where all the admission proceeds go to the red cross (or something).

Get a group of players in each major city to perform for childrens hospitals or orphanages across the country, nay, THE WORLD!

start up free yoyo clubs in schools, YMCA’s, or recreation centers in low income communities so that kids have a wholesome place to go after school to avoid gangs and such

so, throw out your ideas, you never know what might happen!

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That was very nice of you to come up with that. I’m going to give out an idea. I think we should get some of the worlds top palyers to teach kids how to yoyo in schools. That’s just what I think.

Yomega Spokeperson Ooch does that :smiley:

Make a wooden yoyo at the price of $10, sell it on a webstore, and then donate all the money.

Oh wait…

I already yoyo for sick kids at Riley and ST. Vincients Hospital. I did a show for kids 2 days after I had major stomach surgrey.

I was thinking about this like as soon as I heard about the earthquake in Haiti, I didn’t know how this would help but obviously someone has pieced it all together, I think we could maybe do it through the internet though, If anyone knows how to do it, because lots more people could join in, because no else yoyos near me!

you want to start one in martinsville with me?

Martinsville, IN? I live in Shelbyville, but my dad works in Bloomfield and we go through Martinsville.

are you referring to the idea of “start up free yoyo clubs in schools … in low income communities so that kids have a wholesome place to go after school to avoid gangs and such” for Martinsville?
There’s no gangs in Martinsville! Maybe inner city Indy.
But as far as clubs are concerned, I think that already might be forming inadvertently.

Martinsville, IN? I live in Shelbyville, but my dad works in Bloomfield and we go through Martinsville.

wanna meet up some time ya kown spring break? and do you know about yo-yo club in indy?

I’ve going to it since Feb. of 09.

Start up some yoyo clubs in relitively poor countries. Give them a program in school, then donate some F.A.S.T. 201’s.


New idea

All this talk is nice but it’s worthless without someone willing to step up and take some initiative. If you like what DanCDow said initially and you want to see something happening be the change you want to SEE in the world and make the change happen. I would like to see everyone in this post who said it’s a good idea starting a yo-yo club within the next month in their town. Start it in a public place like a pizza parlor or a rec center, meet once a week at the same time, every time, and promote the fact that you’re going to be teaching youth a lifetime hobby that is fulfilling and easily replaces time wasted on video games and that can be used to introduce you to opportunities and influential people you would not have otherwise had the chance to meet.

Helping Haiti will be a lot easier to do if you have some sort of crew to fall back on locally. Start there. If you need help starting a club and need to bounce questions off of someone with a little experience send me a message: mike(at)themikemonty(dot)com (or you can PM me).

And Cameron, if you want to try and start something on the internet take a look at (the same thing stringburnlive uses). If you have a webcam and a mic you can make your own show. It doesn’t mean people will watch it, but you can start it with a bang by tying it to such a large natural cause as the earthquake in Haiti.

Yeh, If I were to do this I think everyone that can on yoyoexpert should like add their own thing on ustream, whatever it is, and like do challenges or whatever, it is just an idea but it could work?