Los Angeles Yoyo Club Help!

Hey there Yoyoexpert Community members. Before I start, I’d like to say that even though I’ve only been a member of this community for a few months, I can say that I’ve witnessed many kind acts and friendliness in this community, as if everyone knew each other like life-long friends. Anyways, My name is Jonathan, a high school junior, and I’ve been yoyoing for close to about 1 year. I currently reside in Los Angeles, the city devoid of yoyoers, or so I’ve witnessed. Last year, when I picked up my first yoyo, a NED responsive, I quickly experienced the joy and excitement that can only come from yoyoing. I quickly threw aside my game consoles and tv watching habits. I was so amazed at how something so inexpensive can cause so much happiness. My confidence boosted, also so did my self-esteem. I finally had something that was unique to me, something that I could be proud of. After each trick I landed, I felt as if I was the happiest person in the world. Landed a trapeze? Fist bump. Landed a triple or nothing? Crazy victory dance. Knowing how happy this has made me, I wanted to share this with people that were just like me: scared, unpopular, nerdy, and felt out of place. So know what I did? I went straight up to one of my favorite teachers and said that I’ve wanted to make a yoyo club. After a month of documents creating and signatures, I finally created my club, a club that can act as a haven for those who need a smile. At first everything was rocky, only my friends came and even then only a few of use had yoyos and only I had yoyo experience. Then I started to get the hang of things. My leaderships skills were getting honed alongside my yoyo skills. I started to mold the club into a what a fun club should be like and flash forwarding to the current school year, we have over 50 active members. Yoyoing was becoming no longer obsolete. The question of " Why wont this come back up" (chuckle) still springs up every now and then but is slowly starting to fade out as people start to witness what a yoyo can do. Now to the help part, My high school doubles also as a middle school, so we have over 3000 kids in 7-12th grade. A big majority of my club is grades 7 and 8. Granted that they stay till graduation, that’s 5-6 years of yoyoing that they can get by the time they’re in college. We’re still in our baby stage but I’m hoping to get them some yoyos (all styles 1A-5A), teach them, and have us spread the joy through performances, especially to children and those in hospitals. I’m not asking for donations of money or yoyo gear , but if you can, they would be of much help. However, what I am asking for are people with plenty of yoyo experience who are able to come and help mentor the yoyoers of the future: even now we barely have 10 people who have some yoyo experience. PM me if you would like to chat, ask questions, talk about my club or if you’re interested in helping us out Remember everything counts, especially tips on yoyoing or clubs. :slight_smile: Thank you for taking the time to read my long topic , I thought that maybe a whole army of people who’ve felt what i’ve felt would be of great help to my dream. :slight_smile: Cheers

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Anyone think they can help?

If you plan on donating to the ERHS yoyo club, please PM me first so that we can reimburse you for the shipping!

Wow you could always ask a company to sponsor your Yoyo club? I bet you anything most Yoyo companies will jump on to that option.

Really? I honestly have no idea how. Any tips?

Anyone interested?

Contact some companies. I’d try yoyojam, they have a wide range of options.

So to speak, I send them an email and just reiterate what I said in my post and nicely ask if they would be able to help us out?

Any tips?

They probably will say yes just make sure it sounds professional and serious and they will take you that way as well.


I love the idea of someone getting young kids into throwing. It always warms my heart to show a kid how to yo-yo, give them some tips on how to do it and teach em’ tricks. The joy of yo-yoing should be spread, and because that’s what you’re doing I say thank you. If you want to get a company sponsorship try Duncan, they might be willing to help.

Then I guess we think alike! Well I’ll try YYF first since most of the kids use Whips and loop 808’s. Thank you for the support!

Any others? ANY help is appreciated!

Going great so far. Thank you! :slight_smile:

where in los angeles??? and does this only go down in school hours? cause im in camarillo and would be down to give a helping hand!

Glendale/ Eagle Rock area! We have meetings at lunch but we do have after school practices. PM me for more info!