Luftverk Fulvia


This looks so amazing!!! :smiley: ;D :o :o I’m just spreading the word:)

Prices: Full Titanium-$290
Bi-Tanium(Bi-metak Titanium)-$510

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that rim weight is astonishing


Looks amazing indeed! Not in my budget…


Truly a remarkable job, especially the bi-metal, achievements.
for me, however, we are at a price too high, which in no way could justify even excellent performance … even considering the fact that with such reduced thicknesses and assembled parts for intrusion, gives me the impression of being a fragile object and in case of accidental impact … the damage could be substantial and very serious (same thoughts I have for Draupnir)


It looks like it would play sooo well.

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The price is justified for some. They’ll sell out quick, no doubt about that.


I think so too, and in fact what I meant, for some will certainly be justified … but not for me.


Had to go through 9 prototypes, bet that’s where the $510 is going haha. That’s crazy.


Not seeing a pricing problem since the YYR Dazzler released at $650. And the YYR Seventh Heaven costs even more.

And the Something Tiss Is about $900.

Why does $500+ seems like sticker shock?

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Two words: beautiful + aggressive

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Woah! Flipping SWEET!


I have to agree, when I heard what he was going to sell the BTM-R for, I actually thought it was cheap for as much as he went through to make that. It may just be the most extreme yoyo design yet when you figure in just how thin the walls are, but maybe someone else knows of another similar design.

He flew to Hong Kong (I think that’s where they were machined) to work with the machining company directly in making it. How many prototypes they went through. Could’ve easily justified asking more for it I believe.

Just my .02 though.


So, there were 20 of the $510 bi-metal Fulvias.

They released at 9 Eastern time and sold out in several hours.



but in fact you have to be crazy to acqauistare a yoyo as the dazzler at that price !!! (And most of them then has been realized with an incorrect reset machine… the most basicly procedure of all!)
try to go to a CNC lathe operator with two shell of dazzler and tell him that you paid $ 650 … you’ll see that you will laugh. ;D
(TISS not even talk about it. … which is better)

returning to fulvia bmt … certainly the price is much more honest, but it’s still in my high alert for an object that despite having a long period of prototyping, the parties having entered for intrusion (so with very precise specification of tolerance) remains however, a very basic object to be achieved with CNC technologies (after it is clear … for marketing reason if you read the product description, it seems to have been an enormous task … but that’s part of the game ;)).


It’s all about supply and demand, marketing, and an arms race if you will. I imagine in time we’ll see designs with similar weight distribution for 1/2 the price or less. That doesn’t mean that $510 is absurd, however. The fact that it sold out so quickly testifies to that.


Well, I only agree with about 50% of what you said…

Mainly because I only understood about 50% of what you said😳.


I’m sorry, i do not speak english
I write using a translator … I realize that you understand a little … sorry


20 pieces.
Put into production 200 pieces and see if we sell them all with ease


Are you worried about the price because you think he’s making a ton of money off them or something? The guy made something amazing and should be able to charge whatever he wants/needs to.