Looping help

Can any of you guys give me some pointers on looping.
I’ve watched the tutorials and i’m just not getting it, or what i should say is its very hit and miss. When i do manage a consistant 10 or 15 in a row i don’t know how i’ve done it. Pure dumb luck.
I get the idea of the yoyo tilting at 1 o’clock, but is the position of hand or wrist critical to achieve that ? if so should they be positioned the same plane as the yoyo wants to be ?
I’ve been at this for about 3 weeks now, 40mins a day 5 days a week. I can keep the loop going but not consistant.
I suppose the other way of asking this question is how do you make the yoyo tilt to 11 o’clock inside loop right hand ? Knowing how to do something incorrect is sometimes equally beneficial.

Any light shed would be greatly appreciated.


For starters - what yoyo are you currently learning on for looping?

loop 360

Excellent choice on loop 360.

One quick thing I have found important to ask when learning is the yo-yo sleeping at the end of string well? And when you are looping do you feel like its ‘hitting’ the end of the string before it starts to return to your hand? This just gives added control that I find is important to be able to make corrections as you are actually learning the looping motion.

Is it possible to share a quick video at all if you feel comfortable? That would help give some more specific suggestions.

One of the key things with looping is when you first start its an entire ‘arm’ movement - that slowly goes into a ‘wrist’ movement - and then slowly can become just a movement of the actual finger with a very small wrist movement - but the key is definitely practice to slowly get to that point. So while position is important - I find it is more important to watch and continue to practice as its more like juggling where the brain continues to make tiny tweaks in the background to fine tune the movement for you.

And yes - the ‘tilt’ to 1 o’clock is helpful - the key is when you are throwing - think of the middle finger and the motion it is making - and try and throw the yo-yo back out using that finger to follow through in a slight outward direction to create that angle.


No problem sleeping i can easliy go into round the world and back into a single loop. Hitting the end of the string is an interesting point, i think so hard to say because its a very quick motion. I would feel comforable with video unfortunately i am a 54yr old dinosaur who’s mobile phone only makes phone calls, ( i am grandpa simpson). I’m going to get my daughter to video me when she comes in from work.
Your final paragraphs i think are on the button, you’ve expanded very nicely on your well done looping tutorial.
Many many thanks for your help on this. I’ll keep the thread updated on progress, it may help others with the same issue.
Heaven knows how i’m going to manage teaching the left side. :smile:

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Are you saying that you do want it to sleep and hit the end of the string? Or do you not want that? I’ve been working on looping, but can’t manage more than maybe 5 consistently.
My string is fairly short, at least compared to my 1A setup, but maybe it’s not short enough?

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So if you go to throw a sleeper it should still sleep at the end of the string. You want it extremely tug responsive but you also want to make sure it sleeps when it hits the string at the bottom. If it just bounces back and won’t sleep when you go to do looping it also bounces back and can throw off that angle you mentioned.


once again many thanks.
At my practice tommorow i’ll definitely try and keep an eye on these, and see if i can get some real consistancy, or at the very least realise what subtle changes alter the throw.

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I have 2 loop720’s, sometimes they sleep but most of the time they immediately come back to my hand. Do you have any idea what makes them do so?

Gap too narrow, string too thick, string has too much wind tension… those are the main things I’d look at on a looper.

It might also be over lubed bearings - if you open the yo-yo and spin the bearings with your finger do they spin at all? And what color spacers are installed in the Loop 720?

Do you have any thin lube?

Awesome! Feel free to share a video with us too if you need more specific advice! :+1:

Shawn Fumo’s most excellent guide from waaaaaaaay back in the day.
Still worth a read by anyone and everyone who aims to learn the loops.



Nice one, and i totally agree its a good guide. That and Mr Boulay complement each other very well.

I’m lossing track on the weeks i’ve now spent on this. But i thought i’d resurrect this post just to give you some feed back. Your advice has helped tremendously, i can nearly get a consisitant 5 - 10 loops in 6 out of 10 attempts. I’m getting less loops but they’re more consistant.
What seams to help is wearing a glove on my throw hand, i think its something to do with keeping the string from moving around my finger ? (difficult to describe).
Also imagining my hand is doing a handshake position with the string coming off the end of my finger. Hope this helps others with similar issues.


Ah - so on the ‘loop’ on your middle finger. The loop has one side with ‘two strands’ and one side with ‘one strand’. Always make sure that the side with ‘two strands’ is on the ‘outside’ of your hand - closer to your pinky finger. Otherwise the string will ‘spin’ as you are looping - having the double strand on the outter part prevents that.


I picked that tip up off one of your tutorials already. I think its either the string i’m using or i’ve exceptionally greasy (yuk) hands.
As a side note, since my last post on the subject i seam to have improved exponentially. Still not perfect but 8 times out of 10 i can get a consistant loop going with the 1 o’clock tilt.
I’m now thinking of starting with my left hand or concentrating on outside loops. I’m hoping it doesn’t take me as long.
Once again your tutorials / advice have been champion.


Its now March 2020, and bringing the post back from the grave…
Just a general question, which i don’t think i’'m going to like the answer.
But has it taken others as long as me to learn to loop consistant ? and following on from that with “is it worth learning with the left hand”


I’m having some issues with the whole ‘yo must sleep’ thing.
The way I have my looping yo set up right now, is that it sleeps on a very gentle throw, but if it’s a hard throw it comes right back up without sleeping.
Also when I’m doing loops it doesn’t sleep at the end of the string until the string starts to loosen up.

My issue is that when I set it up to sleep better…it tends to sleep at the end of my loops causing me to loose control.

Is this something I just need to learn to work through?
It’s SO much easier for me when it doesn’t sleep at the end of my loops.

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It shouldn’t sleep for long. You should just hear a quick little zip (or whatever kind of sound your looper makes) when it hits the end of the string.

And if it sleeps with a light throw, it’ll sleep with a harder throw, you just need to cushion it more when it hits the end of the string to prevent it from returning.

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