Looking for recommendations

Hello all!

Been missing the hobby lately and am considering getting back into it. Thinking about grabbing a more performance oriented bi-metal, and a chill and floaty organic.

With that said, not really sure where to go as there are just so many options. Would like to stay away from buying a bunch of yo-yos and spending all my time buying and selling vs. actually playing. So, what are your recommendations?

In terms of performance bi-metals, I’ve only ever really thrown the 2Sick endgame. Loved the shape, spin time and agile feel. Been looking at the banshee SS and motion yoyos perpetual. Any thoughts?

In terms of an organic, I’ve been looking a lot at Atmos yoyos. The Noah, Cephas, and stormberry have all caught my eye, but am curious about the difference in how they play.

And finally, looking for recommendations for Nylon yo-yo string. I tried Mazal Top wooly nylon a long time ago and absolutely loved it, but looking for more color options.

Any and all input is appreciated!


Definitely can’t go wrong with Atmos for organics, I don’t have as much experience here so I’ll talk about performance bi-metals instead.

Currently Asia is pushing bimetals the most right now, with some popular brands currently being c3yoyodesign, turning point, japan technology, yoyofriends, and also a lot of newer companies such as w!ld and sense (harder to get the newer companies over here in the states).

Some recent crowd favorites are the c3 Hydrogen crash, Turning Point Hinemosu, yoyofriends Nucleon. Turning Point bimetals are generally more focused on slower/methodical/technical play (look up players like Yuta Kashiwaya and Yuma Watanabe for some examples), while the other brands are making more ‘traditional’ bimetals (nimble, stable, long spintimes).

If you’re looking towards a North American company there are some excellent offerings over here too, the Banshee SS and Perpetual are both good (having thrown both I like the Perpetual slightly more), with some other crowd favorites over here being the CLYW Klondike, UNPRLD Nostalgia/Seiji, Duncan Grasshopper GTX 2, Yoyofactory Will, the list goes on.

Realistically I would find one you like the look of and go with that. It’ll be hard not to buy multiple, sorry :rofl:. The bimetals I have in rotation currently are the yoyofriends graviton (great if you like wide/stable), turning point palpitation es (great if you want to go broke), and the Duncan GTR-JS (great performer, some find it slightly too heavy)

There’s some boutique stringmakers that do nylon such as String-Werx String-Werx Maker Thread


in terms of string, if you want a nylon poly blend, yysl nytro and nytro + are incredibly solid options with tons of colors. any other blend over 50/50 i recommend contacting stringwerx like fradiger said, i have some of his custom 66% nylon string from the hollywood modern pride pack and it feels amazing


Thabk you homie!

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75% ;]

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ooohh thanks for telling me! assumed it was 66% bc the 3 different colors and 2 frayed like nylon. i’ll prob review it here on the forum since i have a new one left. can i ever order new ones in that colorway?


You can! Im just hella behind because of work and other big orders to catch up on. Dm me here if you would like so i can keep track!

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I’ll dog pile string werx is great A&A who should be coming back are awesome and p44 string is fantastic. Also love zipline and string labs stuff.

My go to for cheaper stuff is cage free…


Been wanna check out p44

They take a while to ship but are pretty good I’m willing to mail you a few string to try if you want.

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Hell yeah !

For the aggressive bimetal i can’t stress how good the Hydrogen Crash is. Especially if you know how to go horizontal. Power and insane speed at only 63.4 g

Noah is great! One of the best offerings from atmos

From what you’re looking at I’d say you are definitely going the right direction. I am not a big organic person but out of the Atmos organic lineup I do have the Stormberry and what I hear (from people with a much bigger organic collection) it’s still pretty heavily unmatched. It’s technically a bimetal but is just so powerful and floaty. Such a beautifully designed throw. Again, I’m not even a big fan of organic but that yo-yo still has a substantial place in my rotation. Highly recommend.

As far as a bimetal, from the sounds of it you want one to grow with and there are just so many options as mentioned above. I am a big fan of Turning Point as many people are. Their throws might be a bit different than what you’re used to, they’re typically a little heavier, but they are very durable, spin forever and will be very good for the more advanced tech tricks as you grow in skill.

However I would not steer you away from Motion yo-yos at all. They are beautifully made yo-yos, with substantial power and look absolutely stunning. (Which is always important) I have the Centrifugal and that boi stays in the roto very consistently.

Just know that there are tons of different bimetals out there. And they are all for the most part really, really solid. I would just consider what shapes you’d prefer in the hand, what kind of weight you’re most comfortable with, what companies you like, and certainly what looks the best.

Happy throwing :slight_smile:


So yo-yos uhhh. I think my favorite organic is my op peach it’s big and fun. My plastic 000 is great and i really like my general yo torrent also my Kc west coast.

I’ve been looking at the general yo hatrick for a while too.

Best performance BiMetal has to be a Duncan gtr js

Personally I’m really digging my monarch which is a hybrid but I’ve been all in on the hybrid hype so that might just be me.


duncan gtr or grasshopper 2.0 would be my picks for a performance bi-metal. gtr if you like wider, grasshopper if you like something a more narrow.

mowl q is an awesome organic yoyo, really regret selling mine. atmos yoyos are fine but they are wiiiide and the response bump is not great (imo).


How does the hinemosu compare with the GTR JS?

I have a duncan bi metal and am considering getting a hinemosu

Hinemosu is heavier and plays slower/more controlled than the GTR-JS, but will not push anywhere near as fast as the GTR-JS. Hinemosu is also narrower. I really like both.

What would you rate them both out of 10?

Do you think the hinemosu is worth it primarily for tech play as that’s what I’m interested in.

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Both of those are easily 8-9/10, hard to put one above the other. GTR-JS definitely has the chops for whatever tech you want to do, might find it a bit on the wide side if you have smaller hands. So don’t feel pressured to pick up a new throw, not much further up to go from the GTR-JS :smiley:.

However, if you’re looking for an excuse to pick up the Hinemosu, look no further, it’s excellent. Us TP fanboys also would recommend poking your head at the Palpitation ES, ASTer, and potentially Hades if you’re brave enough. Lots of tech players also absolutely love the MSG, moreso than it’s successor the ASTer because it possesses a TON of spin power.