Look to pickup a bi-metal yoyo. YYF KO or Magicyoyo Z01?

I have been looking at some bi-metal yoyos. I have it narrowed down to the Magicyoyo Z01 or YYF KO (or the YYF BiMetal). They all seem to be very similar to each other. I narrowed it down to these because of their specs, price, and current availability.

Any opinions on these yoyos or any others I may have missed would be welcome.

Thank you

Some specifics: I would like something with an organic feel but it’s not a deal killer. I’m a very casual player so confert is more importent.


Between all those, I’d go with the KO, just because… Unless you can be more specific about what exactly you’re looking for, that’s all I can say. All 3 are good, capable yo-yos, and I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with whichever you pick.

Edit: in that price range, I can’t think of anything else that’s decent. If you could spend just a bit more, or don’t mind spending some time here on the BST, you could get something a little more “high end”. But honestly, if you like the shape of the KO and Bimetal, I’d just cop a KO from YYE.


I have both the MYY z01 and the YYF KO… both are great. But they are totally diffrent shapes so they play pretty different. KO is a great organic bimetal, nice power and spin time and floaty, focus is V shape so it plays a bit more aggressive.
And i agree with Ryan.


If he likes organics, the Don would be a good choice if he could spend just a bit more, don’t you think?


I have the KO and Z01 and while I can not say anything bad about the Z01, if I could only keep one, I’d keep the KO. The KO is a joy to throw. It super comfortable and just feels great. It’s my favorite bimetal.


KO is incredible, especially for the price. Haven’t played that particular MYY, though so I can’t compare. Just want to say the KO is legit.

Someone mentioned The Don… It’s a nice throw but it sounds like the OP is focusing on a budget bimetal, which The Don is not (although the price tag on that on is not what I would call unreasonable).


I agree with Ryan the Don is the best bimetal organic D bearing I’ve played… that’s very specific cause I’m not sure how many yoyos fall into that category but the Don is really amazing, very powerful, well balanced and very comfortable in the hand. If your budget allows get the Don and skip the others. The Don is in my top 5 rotation since i got it.
I world also agree with Chris. Between the focus and the KO the KO is far more interesting to throw. I keep coming back to the KO regularly and enjoy each session. The focus is kind of meh…


I love the yyf KO, it is also surprisingly durable, which is something I take into consideration when choosing a yo-yo.


It’s worth looking into the MYY Bi(smuth), too.


What are your current preferences? Fast, light and nimble yoyos that move with ease or solid feeling yoyos that are stable and powerful? If you like the former, then the Z01 will be the one for you, otherwise, go with the KO. The KO plays pretty solid on the string and is pretty powerful, but it doesn’t move all that easily and is more suited to tech tricks than speed and horizontal.

You might also want to look at the MagicYoYo Bi if you prefer fast and light yoyos but want the organic shape.

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All quality I like in a yoyo, even though I don’t play like that.

I did a quick search and I haven’t had any luck finding this one in stock.


Awesome! You can get it directly from magicyoyo’s website, I believe it’s still in stock over there.

I got a MYY bi for sale. Its basically grasshopper gtx in shape and size with smaller SS rings. A little faster a little less power…

A night gives one a time to rethink. I start off wanting to find an organic. I then thought how about a bi-metal with an organic shape. Honestly, I didn’t do as much research as I should have before asking for the forum’s help. Thank you all for all the info. I’ll look over all this and see what I am really looking for. I might just pick up a cheap organic like a B grade Arcade and see if I like playing with an organic in the first place. That will be in the future. My photography hobby is calling just a little louder and needs some money thrown at it.


You can’t go wrong with the Don bro! Check zero gravity’s website. I think I saw some b-grades there or reach @jeduardo . Good luck :crossed_fingers:


The Don is available here on yye as well… really great yoyo!