Looking for recommendations

I’m just really curious to try TP.

I don’t actually have a GTR js, I own a grasshopper 2.0 but I know the GTR is more popular which is why I used that as a comparison and from what I’ve heard it’s better than the grasshopper.

I’ve heard a lot of good things about palpitation es, hades and aster but I only like raw/silver yo-yos and I recently came across a good deal on a silver hinemosu.

Is it fair to say you can’t go wrong with any TP model?

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Definitely some duds in the lineup, but… you kinda know. Like the 76g monometal kiwi. Jeeze. That’s the only “bad” TP I’ve ever owned.

Top 5 favourite TPs?


palpitation es
mustang g5 (entire mustang line is very good)