Looking for new types of String (to buy)

I’ve already tried out a few types of string: Kitty (Quality/like OK), Zipline (Different depending on each string’s mix. Can be brilliant and long lasting can be not as impressive and slightly too short.), Gator strings (not sure where I got them OK but too short for me now) .

If you have some other types of strings then drop the info to me on the vine!



Slackies are great but are kind of short for a lot of people’s liking.

Love myself some airetics, but they are scarily slacky. Almost hurt.


So you are looking to purchase strings or you are looking for recommendations?

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We have a string trading topic, I recommend that if you want to diversify your “brand” experience!

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Thanks for the reply. I’m looking to buy different types of string. Do you have any of this string for sale?

Thanks for the reply. I’ve changed the heading of my subject to make it clearer that I’m searching for new types of string to buy.

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Thanks for this erudite advice.

I ONLY use airetic. Highly recommend checking out their Instagram and getting in on the next drop. Which will be coming up.


I’ll be the naysayer there and say I don’t care for Airetec, very slippery and a little bouncy. But then I dislike most nylon strings I’ve tried, except for the Smiley Strings™


They are bouncy for sure but for the speedy competition points play style it’s not an issue, and aside from that they are very nice and bind much better than I expected. That slickness allows for speed-of-light play. I hate to say they aren’t “beginner” strings but I can’t think of another adjective. You just have to know the characteristics of the strings

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Yeah I’d say Rosenberg hit the important points. The slack can become predictable and then you learn to use that to your advantage. Same with the bounce.

One thing I’d like to point out is that I get about 3-4 times the play time out of airetic than anything I’ve tried before. I’ve also been down the “I wanna try all the strings I can” road before.

I’ve learned for how I enjoy to spend my time with the jojo, I prefer the soft comfort of airetic. Plus you support a rad team, and he recently started selling other things from his store like yoyo baggies and bearings!

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Don’t try heartstrings. You’ll be sorry.
I had just bought a bunch of zip lines that I love as well as airetec, but then Dustin sent me a few with a bst purchase. IMO nothing whips and slacks like heartstrings.
Airetec feels good also but a bit slower on the whips.
I went as far as figuring out the formula with Dustin’s help & about 40 hrs of trial and error. I’m close and very very happy with my heartstrings hand made copies.

But I have not tried all brands strings available

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