Let's Trade Some Strings!

Anyone interested in trading a string for a string from varying brands/types/colors/etc.?

I’m surprised a similar thread doesn’t exist, as shipping is as cheap as a stamp/envelope!

So like one Snake Bite string for one Kitty String

Cool idea for a thread. I’ll have to take inventory of all misc strings

I have a lot of Kitty regular, I prefer the fat.
If someone wants to trade I’d add to the trade (more of my string)

Not what you had in mind I think :wink:

The idea was to try string you’re unfamiliar with.

That was the idea, I have a bunch of Kitty and some Zipline I’d be happy to trade to let others try without needing to break the bank.

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I just got a lot of Kitty Normal from a friend and I would like to try some nylon 1.5. So if anyone is willing to trade a little bit for some white Kitty Normal, hmu.

I’ve got a yellow cloud string I’d swap for plutonium or some CLYW string. Hit me up

I have some kitty fat and zipline bushido baby I can trade

Anybody make their own. I like swapping with string makers. It’s fun.

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Here’s what I have to offer to trade: updated inventory 9/7/18:

  • Kitty String - Normal/Poly - Red
  • Kitty String - Normal/Poly - Orange
  • Kitty String - Normal/Poly - Green
  • Kitty String - Normal/Nylon - Yellow
  • Kitty String - Fat/Poly - Yellow

Anyone remember Alchemy strings!?!?
Recently got some SL Venoms, they’re very similar to those '07 wires.

I am willing to buy any Alchemies that anyone has! I also have like ~10 unused kitties I’d be willing to trade as well.

edit: if any string makers want a small bundle of kitties, I might be willing to trade for a custom string for my Micro Ogre.

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I’m approaching 500 strings on hand. My name is Buddy Jim and I likes making string. Tell me what you like in a string. I’m willing to swap. Especially since the B grade (By color blend only) strings I have on hand are approaching… EH? Got to be 140.

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I’d be interested in trading, but I don’t have any idea what the strings I have are made of or who made them.

I would love a chance to try other material blends/types to get a feel for them so I know what to buy for myself.

Since everyone keeps telling me how great nylon strings are, but I haven’t been feeling it so far, even after trying spool (strongly disliked), airetec (not bad actually), and kitty 1.5 (strongly disliked) …

I’d like to trade a few yoyostringlabs ammo and type x in lemon/lime (whatever number you think is fair) for one of the “best” nylon/poly blend strings out there in your opinion … even if it’s ones you made yourself :wink:

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Want to try out the One Drop strings? I have all four colors and after reading the string type mega debate thread I think you should give them a shot. Yes they start rough. Yes they require break in. Yes they last for ever. Give it one or two days and it feels similar to poly, but out performs any pure poly I’ve played and definitely does not have the unusually slick/soft feel of spool or airetic. Some of the colors do feel a bit different though. I would say green is softest, orange and pink bout the same and rougher than green, blue starts out the roughest, but personally I LOVE the blues best once they are broke in.


I’ll send you a couple of my strings if you want :slightly_smiling_face:

I have been enjoing the string trading, just got the Onedrop Rough Cuts from @TheThrowingGnome! It’s really cool to try diverse strings out so you can learn what you like, without buying a whole 10 or 50 pack of strings…

If anyone wants to trade 1-to-1 to try some Stringlabs AMMO and Type X in lemon/lime just PM me.


So Far all ive Tried is Kitty (Reg and Fat) and Spool(Loved it) and Zipline String (Reg, Thick, Anti) Wanting to try Airetec or Any Other Strings

For Trade i have Some Zipline String (Reg)

If you have some Spool your willing to sell Pm me,

Love to try some Ammo, Type X, or Vines strings but all I’ve got right now are some Kitty Fat/Kitty XL/Kitty Nylon strings. Anybody want some McDonald’s??? :grin:

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All I have are some yotricks polyester. never tried other string