Let's Trade Some Strings!


Not sure if anyone responded to you, but I would trade you some kitty 1.5 for ziplines.


Ill send you a couple type x if you want.

(Mark) #23

Just sent you a PM - and also updated my inventory in my original post :sunglasses:


Hey boss, I’m interested in trading for some of you SL Ammo. I have zipline - bushido baby, antifreez, higlighter; kitty fat - blue and black; and 1 plutonium string. If you have 3 of the ammo I’ll send 3 of your choice.

(Josiah Lyons) #25

all I have is some basic yotricks polyester but I would be willing to trade


Any string makers out there want to trade? I have some super thick poly strings I made for fun.


If you have any of your thin/ medium thickeness m series strings left, I’d be up for some trades.


Id be down to try some ammo - I have moose string, kitty 1.5, snakebite, some other kitty, yoyo expert string…some others.


Sure PM me if you have strings to trade, and want StringLabs AMMO or Type X in return.


Just got some really nice SL Ammo from @codinghorror and I’m really digging it. Thanks!


If anyone has any white Spool Thread they’d want to trade let me know, always wanted to try that but never got the chance. I’ve got a ton of string, some from active makers, some that is no longer available.


I’ve got some inverse type x if you’re a curious lefty
Edit- I should have mentioned, you can have it. No trade necessary

(Josiah Lyons) #33

I have some yoyo tricks polyester (not the pro stuff)

(YoYoStringLab) #34

Or, if you want to prank your right-handed yoyo friends. :grin:

(Rock Shouse) #35

Someone should jump on the Rosenburg offer!?

(Rock Shouse) #36

Just PM me if you want some very new and some awesome dated strings…by Toxic, Heartstrings, & Gator strings too! Had some for 5 years…so hit me up for a trade for some…? Also have some kelvar strings made by Gen.Yo plus some MM Dragon strings? I think? So…


anyone have any chaos strings laying around? super old now, but i loved them! then they went out of business and i haven’t seen any ever since.

(Tyler) #38

Would love some nice red or pink strings. Have a 5 pack of Zipline Hulkenstein to trade

(Rock Shouse) #39

I’m sure I have some kind of chaos strings…let me check and I’ll inform you of what chaos I have!

(Rock Shouse) #40

Moose strings? Are you serious ? I’m down to trade for them “moose strings”