string trade

Okay i had this great idea today… we should do string trades like to try out different kinds. we each find someone with some kind of string we want to try and then we trade if they want to.
For me you can message me if you have any bigyo toxic yysl or some other specialty kind including good home made stuff. right now all i got is normal kitty to trade but i plan on getting some new string soon. if you want to try some kitty and have other good stuff message me.

maybe each person can post what they have and what they want and then they can look at others postings and message to get what they want. also this will be a great feedback booster for the good traders with lower feedback counts. its easier to send away 5 strings to someone with no feedback than an expensive yoyo as a trade.

Great Idea! ;D

I’ve got fat kitty.
And homemade string.
And a little of of UK Jackrabbits left.

Awesome idea. I have fat kitty and blueprint both in yellow…

I want to try kitty fat. All I have is regular kitty and yye poly.

Oh and I want to try some byys strings too.

it might take a while for people to find what they want so make sure you guys post what you have and what you want. i would like to try some fat kitty as well… anybody trade for regular???

I got type x and some other strings I’m not sure what brand they are.

I’ve got neon green fat kitty.

I have some prototype epic strings…

Great idea! Although the shipping might be a problem for me, just to send strings.

I got jackrabbits, toxic, and blueprints!

I would just use a standard envelope and a stamp.


Ok, I have pink blueprint and Kitty 1.5 ;D

Lol, the pink blueprint I just gave you 30 mins ago.

hehe. I don’t wanna trade it all though ::slight_smile:

What’s wrong with shipping string in an envelope? I seriously doubt that a few pieces of string would get ruined in that fashion. It’s cheap and so what if it gets crumpled, it’s only string.

Good idea. I just hope someone doesn’t end up with a negative feedback over a proposed string trade. I think it would be better to swap with no “strings” attached. :smiley: If you put a stamp on it, and throw it in the mailbox, you are rolling the dice and risking your feedback at the same time. If it doesn’t get there and you resend it, and it still doesn’t get there, your feedback might take a hit. No one will pay for tracking on string, so it could present an issue. Not everyone is reasonable. I like the idea, but when it comes to trading cards and string (really cheap/free) I just send it for free, or not at all. No feedback type situation. I don’t even like the idea of people sending me a self addressed stamped envelope for something super cheap. That’s how I roll. Nice idea. :wink: Just remember folks…it’s only string. :slight_smile:

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No that was just the thing: I totally forgot about normal mail lol.