string trade

I had to thank TA, just for the terrible pun! :slight_smile:

Sigh, that happened to me, I did not know I had payment for a string and the buyer did not tell me, so I shipped late. Later I see he gave me neutral.

I have String Shack Jack O Lanterns

Ive got Kitty nylon and id like too try some YYSL Venom (Im not sure if I wanna trade but Im thinking about it so pm me If you want some kitty nylon)

No matter what you send, there will always be a risk. It would take an extremely uptight person to leave negative feedback over 2-3 pieces of string. Each to their own I guess.

Wait IF nothing goes wrong should we leave good feedback?

Yeah I think that’s the whole idea. Helps those with less feedback :wink:

ya good feedback is great…

If you just take the envelope and get it weighed and pay the 50 cents at the counter on the receipt they print you it has a tracking number

lol couldnt you just send someone a string if they really wanted to see if they liked it? You dont need none of that trading shot. I mean sure, maybe you want something in return for your $0.50 string, but you could just be the bigger man and send some kid who really wants to try (insert diverse string no one really cares about here) and see if he likes it because he saw a video where some company made their crappy string (I.E. Twisted Stringz) look good; but in reality, just go to a contest or club mannnn. There are always loads of different types of strings to try out there.

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well that isnt the point… the point is to try out new strings to experienced yoyoers without spending big money on boutique 10 packs that are way overpriced vs. the bulk. many people cant go to contests and clubs (myself included) on a regular basis or even at all. also the feedback thing is awesome to. we can gain feedback without altering our personal collection or spending money.

Be careful with that long number you see on the receipt. It is not a tracking number. Tracking costs .90 (free with Priority). It is simply a number assigned to the transaction, but nothing can be tracked with it. You can keep your receipt, but if anything goes wrong, someone would have to accept that you paid for an item that was never delivered to them. So, it is the tracking confirming delivery that is most important in a trade.

Once, I asked for tracking, and the USPS worker at the counter handed me a receipt with that long number you referred to. Luckily, I identified that it was not a tracking number, because it didn’t say .90 or the word “tracking” next to it. Also, it seemed I paid less than I should. It was just a long number on the receipt. I returned to the counter and the worker said she forgot to add the tracking. I had them void the transaction and re-do it. Watch out for that one.

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I have to agree with Nemyo on this one. You can gain feedback without altering your personal collection or spending money, but you may not get the feedback you expect, if you don’t take the proper precautions. Not everyone will see it as this is just string, someone in the bunch might take this literally, and expect the string and be unhappy if it does not arrive. Once it becomes business…business is business. Just a word to the wise, and not said to discourage or kill the idea. The idea is a good one.

I agree with you. While we accept there is some risk involved, we should always “minimize” it to the degree possible. I have seen some pretty uptight people around here, so I just want people to be aware. Go in with your eyes wide open. :wink:

I have a twelve pack of Yoyocala string that has six twisted colors, black and red, black and blue, yellow and orange as well as yellow, orange, and green

I have neon regular kitty (yellow, green, orange, blue, and red) and I’m willing to trade for most anything. I would like to try nylon, type x, ammo, toxic, ect. Pm me if interested


Thanks for pointing this out! I was unaware of this previously!

I have kitty and YYE super long poly and now i really just want to try anytging that whips better than kitty.