Looking to Trade multiples for: (OFFER CLOSED!)


TRADE OFFER IS NO MORE! I have traded these throws!
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Hello there! This is my first attempt at a trade, I have read up on how to do it but I may still make a few errors, so I apologies ahead of time :]

I have Five YYF yo-yos and about 80ish Kitty strings that I wish to trade for one of the following!
I am offering these up for trade for 2 reasons!

1- I am moving away to college soon and cant spend any more money on yo-yos so I need to trade to receive anymore!
2- I do not use these yo-yos anymore so they just sit! I would rather trade them for one that I will use!

(pictures of the yoyos I have for trade will come after my requests ;D)

I would like to trade these in person as I am very wary about sending out my things with the risk of losing them, I live in the SF bay area (near Benicia) so if you are interested send me a PM and we can arrange a PUBLIC place to meet and trade.


CLYW: (preferably foxy moss, ash berry, or reverse team edition but beggars cant be choosers)
Bear V. Man

One Drop:

G Squared:

Alright! The yoyo I am willing to trade! Sadly none of these have boxes! :frowning:

YYF Undeniable Genesis (orange acid wash) has a few dings in it from regular use does NOT effect play.

YYF 888x (Silver) in PERFECT condition (no scratches dings or scuffs) I wasn’t a fan of it.

YYF MVP B-Grade (Gold) ( B-Grade means there was an ano flaw that caused slight differences between the color of this and a regular grade MVP-- DOES NOT EFFECT PLAY) purchased this at BAC From Ben this year
has a very tiny ding that has no effect on play (includes YYF grooved bearing)

Near Bgrade stamp is the small ding (to the left)

YYF SuperG (purple) B-Grade (same reason for B-grade as the MVP- DOES NOT EFFECT PLAY) Purchased this from BAC as well this year. Small scratch and a couple of small dings (does not effect play)

Ding depicted on picture above^ and scratch depicted on pic belowV

YYF ONEstar Perfect condition no scratches dings or scrapes
purchased this from BAC this year.

To kinda sweeten the deal a little bit I decided to include about 80ish Neon Yellow/Black Kitty Strings
I say β€œ80ish” to be conservative I have used some but I am not sure the exact number but there is at least 80. It is depicted below (I forgot to put the Onestar in the pic before uploading! oops!)

Again I am very wary about sending off all of this in the mail with no guarantee that I will receive the other part of the deal. So Id like to meet in person in a PUBLIC area (like a starbucks or Barnes&Noble and obviously during the day!) to trade. I live in the SF Bay Area, if this sounds odd or fishy to you, feel free to bring a friend!

PM me if you are interested send me a picture of the throw you have for trade (with a description of its condition) and if everything is good and we agree we can schedule somewhere to meet!
Remember I am trading ALL of the items I posted pics of, for just one of the wants I listed
Thank you all for your time and I look forward to trading with you!


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