LF: String <---> Coral (pink) and yellow ALCHEMY STRING FT

Okay, I have a bunch of alchemy string But I would really rather have some poly or slick six. This is the string that I have:

about 50 (max for trade) coral alchemy strings. This is a pinkish color with a hint of orange. I love pink string and this really is an awesome color, and I love the string it lasts forever but I just don’t seem to be able to do my slack tricks as well with it (I can’t even do revolutions or a double suicide at all with the string). Some people really love it and it’s more expensive than poly or slick six.

About 50 yellow alchemy strings. It’s a very bright yellow and looks good because the alchemy string is shiny. Both of these types of string are Type 6 (3x2)

Here are the string types that I want:

First, color is important. I only want pink, yellow, or white. If you are going to trade white string it has to be slick six (50% polyester, 50% cotton). I would prefer that the yellow be slick six also. Altogether 100 alchemy strings are worth about $15.00. I am really interested in trying out some of the Brazilian Mondo string, if anyone has some I would trade really well for it. I would probably give like 30 of these alchemy string for 15 or 20 of the mondos. As long as it’s 100 Percent polyester.

I also love slick six, the 3x2 50% poly 50% cotton blend. I would trade all of my alchemy string for about 130-150 polyester or slick six strings.

I don’t want any used string, only brand new and in good condition. The alchemy string I have is mint, in perfect condition. Thanks for your time. I can’t get pictures up on my computer, but if you want to pm me your phone number I can txt some pics to you, but you really don’t need pictures. The alchemy looks just like regular string except it is shinier. The string comes with loops pre-tied on the finger-end of the string.

Wait, and I forgot to add that I have 50 of the pink ones, too. SO I’d trade about 100 alchemy string for like 120 poly’s. If you want some alchemy, lemme know what kind of string you’ve got, I am getting a counter attack (should be here tomorrow, I hope I hope I hope) and I am going to try out a bunch of colors on it, so I might take anything.

I have about 50 spare white Brazilian Mondo strings (100% poly type 10 of course!) i have been very interested in trying Alchemy string. I would be most interested in the yellow, but I’m not afraid to try the coral. PM me if you’re interested in trading.