Looking at Bi-Metals

Ive, been looking online for a while and ive decided I want my first bimetal. What are some good MID-SIZED Bi-Metals?

I know sOMETHING Slasher and Leviathan 4/6 are bi-metals but Im not really looking to spend 200+ (yet)

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I think there’s a used draupnir for $140 on the BST.

Does the King Yo Star Rapid appeal?

Mid-sized means less than fullsized (56mm usually) and Draupnir is 57

If we are thinking about the same one it looks as tho it was rolled down a street luge coarse…
Maybe even used as a replacement wheel on the board itself lol

yes one that you will get in the most beat condition I have ever seen. Not sure I’ve ever seen. A more beat throw.

I would reccomend the space cowboy. I have it, exceptional at grinds. Amazing spin times, great overall on the string. I think yoyofactoryeric would agree :wink:

Regarding the space coyboy at one time I was going to buy one, I ended up spending my money else where, but anyways on ask.fm I asked if they could do them without engravings to make fingerspins possible and they said to shoot them an email and they will make it happen. So if you are a guy that likes finger spins that might be something for you, the space coyboy is nice and cupped out, but those pesky engravings get in the way.

but, you have to admit. The engravings are pretty spectacular.

Ohh that’s what happened. I thought it got stuffed into the dryer :stuck_out_tongue:

Yoyoempire is soon going to drop the Rainfly which should be a sub $200 bimetal

The other choices I can think of are: Space cowboy, Rapid, Pico Vox.

There’s also yoyojam next level, and god trick trump.

Pfft, sparhawk. Already recommended that. Poor draupnir…

Unfortunately all of the midsized bimetal options out there are around $200 right now. Space Cowboy sounds like it’s more in your current price range, and while full sized, is an excellent yoyo.

Totally agree and I would love one without engravings.

Different strokes for different folks but I think the engravings on the Space Cowboy are hideous

Wasnt even that beat it was only 3A marks so it doesnt really affect play. Personally i think those lovemarks were pretty

Top Yo Memory is 54mm

I love my Berserker SS. Easily my favorite throw. So easy to learn tricks on. Grinds nice. Has a small lip for doing IRG’s. Its a beast.

Honestly, I’d listen to what whatever sparhawk says. He basically is the base of my collection choices.

Does turning point have any? They make lots of mid-sized yoyos.

Not that I know of, they do have some pretty neat throws! Never got the time to snag one however.

Space Cowboy is incredible. Usually I like a yoyo for a few days, then it gets old, but I’ve been throwing mine for weeks and it’s still my favorite.