Longer YoYoStringLab String? - Poll

There have been several requests for our string to be longer. This wasn’t an easy option in the past due to space limitations. I am in the process of creating a new space for the string lab. (Don’t get too excited this may take some time.) I will eventually have the option to retool for a longer string length, so I am interested in your input.

What do you think?

Thanks for your help.

I’m currently using Type X as my primary string of choice for 1A, 4A and 5A string. For me at least, I’m cutting length off the string anyways. I personally can’t see needing it longer than it already is. However, at my height, I don’t need the string super long.

If the masses demand longer string, then that just means I gotta cut more string. Big deal. I mean, once you’re already in the mindset that you have to cut the string anyways, what difference does it make?

As long as the price jump per 100 strings isn’t more than $2, I don’t care. I plan on buying at least 2 100-string bundles in 2014 of Type X anyways.

No price difference, just longer.

No price difference? Easy then: g’head. I cut my string anyhow.

YES. If it was like 2 inches longer that would be perfect since I’m on the taller side.

How long is the string you guys use? I’m pretty tall and i still find the regular length of my Type X to be pretty long.

If the price stays the same then I’m all for the giraffe-people having their longer string. I cut a bit off mine every time anyway.

Even though i’m not 6.5 I feel like a longer string will help people with different styes of play. Sometimes i like really long string for the intricate tricks i’m doing. So yes definitely lengthen them.


I wish it were longer. Note that many major players do use longer string. Jensen, gormley, some others. It would in general have higher appeal to more players. Thank you

I’m a short guy so I already cut the string to my length as it is… But I think it would benefit if your string was longer for those super tall guys and some already tall people may like using even longer string, so I think it would benefit as a whole. I doubt people are that annoyed with cutting string, so I don’t think that would be a problem. The price is the same too, which is a definite plus. I say go for it :slight_smile:

Yes please! I’m pretty tall, and would love a little more length to work with.
I might end up cutting some off, but it would be better to have more string just in case :slight_smile:

Also , Thanks for making type x, just got a 10 pack and they work wonders !

Just a side note: I believe it was NathanC or YoyoGeezer (one of the YYR enthusiasts!) who mentioned recently: the yoyo doesn’t know how tall you are. The same physics apply. Even if you’re tall, if you go for a string that’s too long it could still end up looking clumsy.

If you like long string, great! But don’t get a long string primarily because you believe there should be a correlation to your height.


I’ve tried short string, may play little faster but I prefer more length :stuck_out_tongue:

Yet you also complain about damaging your yoyos. Perhaps a connection between your long string and pinprick issue?

For my part, I am one of those who had requested slightly longer string. I’m something on the order of 6-2, and while I know that doesn’t make me a giant, I found the yysl ammo just a tiny bit short. Really in all likelihood this was because I’d been using a slightly longer string and was used to it. I don’t think it would need to be much longer to suit my needs, but as it is I have a stack of ammo that won’t get used. Which is a shame because I can feel the quality, I just feel uncomfortable using it. And as far as sloppiness goes, when I pick up a yoyo, if I can remember which end to hold I feel like I’m ahead for the day so if it looks a little sloppy, well, it does. And I don’t ding my yoyos :wink:

At 6’4" with really large hands, your string is perfect length for me. I wouldn’t mind trimming a few inches if people would like it longer.

Have u ever taken it into consideration that maybe it can be due to 5a/3a?
Also I was not complaining, I was wondering if it was an issue for others.
Congrats on two useless posts.

It will be a little bit of a pain but I cut my kitty string down so cutting my YYSL down wont be that big of a deal

I use it full length and love that I don’t have to cut it.

LOL Longer string for tourniquet pleaseee :stuck_out_tongue: