YYSL Type X vs Kitty String durability?

Hello everyone,

I have just recently decided to get back into yoyoing after a long break and need to purchase some new string. As of now I am working my way through the advanced trick tutorials, so string performance isn’t my biggest concern.

For people who have had experience with both types of string, my question is this: A 100 count of Kitty string costs $20 shipped and a 100 count of Type X costs $46 shipped. Will the Type X string really last 2.5 times as long so that the extra cost is justified?

I’ve heard premium string like Type X lasts a lot longer, but I’m not sure if it lasts that much longer.

Thank you for your responses!

Kitty string is a better all around string

From someone who has just started getting more premium strings, I’d recommend the Kitty. I’ve got YYSL AMMO, Blueprints from Werrd, and nylon Kitties. The durability issue and performance issues aren’t going to be nearly as noticeable until you start to get into more advanced tricks, slacks, whips, etc. I used to use my string until it was deader than dead, but now it’s much more frequently changed. There aren’t any tricks that I can hit with one kind of string that I can with another, but the Ammo is so much nicer imo. I really like slacks and it helps a lot, but not needed. Basically; get whatever string you like and/or can afford and it’ll work just fine. You won’t be needing to change your string as often as someone practicing for a competition, and I don’t believe that string choice is nearly as important at your level. For now just something between your hand and the yoyo should suffice!

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In terms of durability, it is my opinion that Type X is one of the longest lasting strings out there. It easily easily outlasts any Kitty string. I love the feel and bounce of Kitty but they were down so fast and lose tension so easily. I can get 1 days play out of a Kitty string. Type X I can use for a month. No joke. They feel so good. It’s my favorite string by a mile. I always order some when I place a YYE order.

In terms of durability, any will work

But in terms of how long it will last, get Toxic Snakes


look, feel, snuggle with it but it still is so personal and it only depends on how you throw…

if some only use one or two brands how would they know what is best; is there a best? what may last for you may not last for another at all.

I just bought multiple brands of strings to see what they are all about…

all we ever had was what the dime store sold…


When I started I tried to learn some tricks and I got knots so tight that when you undo them, it coils where the knot used to be. Therefore get kitty it’s very soft I was surprised when I untwisted the part a cut off how smooth each fibre was. Very good value for price

I think toxic dragons you can literally put in the washer and they come out almost brand new. That’s what I’ve read from review

I would think YYSL Type X would last longer. However, kitty has great strings and they last fairly long. They are very popular and the price is customer friendly, but it depends what you are looking for in the end. For the question tho I would say YYSL Type X

YYSL makes good strings but they are too short.

I think Toxic makes the best “premium” strings but the price is still not justified. I’d rather get 100-counts of Kitty String or YYR. I’ve been wanting to try blueprint also but haven’t yet.

I wouldn’t say YYSL is “too” short. I’m 5’10" and I trim an inch, so I think they would be fine for most people playing their string at an average length. BTW blueprints are shorter than YYSL, unless that’ve added length since the first runs. Also I think the price of toxics being worth it or not is relative. They do last for a long time and they whip like mad.

Type X isn’t even close to being one of the longest-lasting strings out there, N8dogg! It doesn’t even play on the same field as other “long-lasting” strings. It does last longer than Kitty, but not even by 2.5x as long. I’d say maybe 1.5x (obviously not scientifically-tested…).

But string durability doesn’t tell the whole story. You’re not paying the premium because it lasts longer (though it does). You’d pay the premium because you like the feel and play characteristics. There are plenty of players out there for whom Type X is “the” string for them.

For now, I say order a 50 of Kitty and a 10 of Type X or other premium string. Decide if you like it. I’ve done this for a huge number of string brands (both well-known and indie) and if you are a “fiddly tinkerer” like I am, this is the only way you’re going to be satisfied about your choices. :wink: If you’re not a fiddly tinkerer you can probably get away with almost any kind of string.

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Haha. I like your numbers! I don’t know. I have some Type X in my first run Chief and it’s the third or fourth string I’ve used in that first run Chief and I’ve played that Chief a lot. I’ll admit to being biased. I love Type X and it’s in most of my throws so maybe it’s just in my mind. But I love the stuff.

Obviously it’s a matter of opinion. Some people like longer string. Others don’t. I feel yoyo companies should default to longer string so they can accommodate more players. You can always shorten a string but you can’t lengthen one. And the cost on the manufacturer’s end to add ~5 cm per string has to be pretty dang low.

I wasn’t aware Blueprints were that short. Thanks for the tip, I won’t be buying any.

They are quite short, but not too short imo. ~Half an inch would be a perfect length for me at least.

I haven’t tried too many of the premium strings, but have used type x and kitty string, along with several other bulk/basic strings. I definitely find the type x to last longer. In my experience, I get about 3 to 4 days of use out of kitty string before it feels completely dead, playing a couple of hours per day. I find that I often get 2 weeks out of type x before it feels dead in the same way. I have been purchasing type x a fair bit because I like the way it feels. It’s the only string I have used so far, in comparison to a number of “basic” strings, that does not cause significant friction burn on my fingers and hands. This really, really makes a difference for me, to the point that I find the cost worthwhile. However, based on price, I would strongly consider kitty string. Get a ten pack for a few bucks and try it out.

^ this. Buy a few smaller amounts and give them a try. You’ll only know what string is best for you by trying a few of them out for yourself. :slight_smile:

You should also realize that Kitty String makes a large variety of strings. Polyester slim, polyester normal, polyester fat, polyester XL, polyester XXL, nylon, nylon 1.5, and nylon fat off the top of my head. They all have different performance characteristics so to flat out say “Type X lasts longer than Kitty” is vague and possibly misleading.

I think in general many “premium strings” last longer because they’re thicker. They have more strands per string. Well, Kitty String varies the strand count by type, and their XXL for instance has more strands (I don’t know how many, couldn’t find this info) and lasts longer than their slimmer options. And it doesn’t cost any more.

But for any thick string (Type X, Kitty XL/XXL, Toxic Metz, etc.) you need a suitably wide-gap yoyo or you’re going to get lots of unintentional binds. There’s a lot more to think about than how long a string lasts. Just something to keep in mind.

Type X isn’t a thick string.

Compared to what? Venom? Ammo? Metz? Yeah, okay. But it’s substantially thicker than standard size Kitty Strings.