Loaded YoYos: How to test for vibe.

Hey guys, vibe is an often subjective and debated topic here so I figured I would put together a quick video showing how I personally test for vibe. Hope some of you find it useful!


Good stuff! Now we just need everybody to adopt this as standard testing procedure and all will be dandy.


This is a great video. I was actually quite curious about how people test for vibe when it’s not painstakingly obviously like a defective Northstar. I’ll be trying this test just out of curiosity but personally vibe doesn’t really bother me. I had a terrible terrible pulsing Northstar, hence the reference. It practically had a heartbeat. But, it still played with the best of them, so I didn’t think much of it. The only time I can say it really irks me is when I did some kind of modification to it that caused a vibe that wasn’t there before. Knowing I messed it up kills me. lol. But if you have to literally test for the vibe this specifically, I really can’t understand what the problem is. But of coarse, to each their own, as long as they’re having fun. Thanks for sharing. ;D

If it rings like an old school telephone, that my friends is vibe.

Thanks, Jason, nice helpful explanation.

Great video. I always use the finger nail test and it’s a good way to check for vibe cause some yoyos throw smoother then others and of the vibe doesn’t go away from the fingernail test then you probably have a vibe or if it comes back after doing that. I honestly detect vibes in most of my throws and none are cheap. Heck I have had cheap yoyos that are smoother then brand new high end. I honestly feel like some times its luck of the draw if u get a yoyo with out vibe. I dont mind vibe but when you start being able to see the vibe that’s when it kinda bothers me. I also find that some blasting can be mistaken as vibe. Expecially ilyy candy blast cause its such a textured surface. I think some times you can throw a yoyo love it then put it threw the vibe test find a small minor vibe and then it sticks with you and your always thinking of that vibe even though its still playing just fine. Damn vibes :slight_smile: fellow throwers just dont let a tiny tiny vibe ruin your experience with a great yoyo. Wobble or pulsating vibes that you can watch fade in and out can be another story but the very minor minor vibes… just leave it at the end of the string and dont over think it

Nice video and very informative. I really like your speaking style, unlike other videos (including mine) that are awkward.

Thanks guys! :smiley:

I’m really glad it’s been helpful. I remember when I first starting throwing and collecting I really didn’t understand how people would determine whether a yoyo is smooth or vibey. Unless a yoyo was extremely wobbly, I thought they were all reasonably smooth.

Although the fingernail test is still subjective, it’s at least a slightly more controlled way of testing for vibe.

now all my throws are really vibey.

i thought i had some smooth ones.


Wow, thanks for taking the time to do this! I used my finger, but I’m going to do your finger mail methods from now on as you can hear and feel it. Super clever

That wet whistle is mad smooth

That Wet Whistle and the Ti5 are probably the smoothest yoyos in my whole collection!