How do I tell if a yoyo has vibe

No stupid jokes about vibe.

Also is it possible for 2 of the exact same yoyos to both not have vibe but one smoother than another?

While the yoyo is spinning, take one of your fingers and place a fingernail on the edge of the yoyo and see if it smooths out. If it does and no vibe can be felt on your fingernail, then you’re good. If there is vibration, it has vibe.

Also, no two yoyos are exactly alike, even if they are the exact same model. One may have vibe, one may not.

If you have to ask, your yoyo probably doesn’t have it.
You can feel and see it if it has it.

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But who cares. If you can’t see it pulsating noticeably or feel it through the string then don’t worry about it, and even if you can… don’t worry about it.

Yup, this is absolutely possible.

Do the thumbnail test. Once the yoyo is sleeping, bring it up and smooth it out with your thumbnail. Now you’re taking your throw out of the equation and instead focusing on the yoyo spinning.

However, if you suspect vibe, try a bearing from a yoyo known to you to be vibe free. It could be the bearing.

I don’t know… I don’t think my chief has vibe but I feel like it should be smoother…

You’re obsessing over it.
Just get over it and play it.

Why must I obssess??

Your complaining. Saying “I think it should be smoother”

Jhb says, stop obsessing over “it has a vibe I think” and just play with the yoyo!

I agree.

If vibe is to the point where it’s an issue, then it’s an issue. If it doesn’t interfere with play, then get over it and keep throwing.

I was agreeing with you guys that. Obsess wayy too much about it. That’s what happens when I get into hobbies I always want the best of the best.

Yes, that’s a malady we all suffer from time to time.

Me, I have yoyos that vibe a pretty significant amount that are still favourites. Wanted to point out, though, that if you’re doing a fingernail test, I wouldn’t count on the sound of it. A really textured finish will indeed help produce a ringing sound. The fingernail is still great-- by touching it to the yoyo for a moment, you are making sure that you’ve smoothed out the spin as much as you can.

At that point I wouldn’t listen for anything. I would look at the yoyo itself and I would look at the string. As well as feeling for vibe transferred along the string. Not to say you can’t “feel” it during the fingernail portion either-- you often can-- but don’t mistake the feel of a textured finish for vibe.

Ya I did the noise test it was pretty loud but theres no vibration on the actual string itself

Heck! My protostar crack just split open yesterday. it still vibes as before, one of my favorite yoyos!

I like super smooth like a summit. But unless it hurts your hands from vibe I’m okay. Don’t love super vibey Yoyos, but ill play and enjoy them…