Vibe Check

Lemme see if I got this right. Pls. to correct me if I’m wrong and/or if there are other means to the same end. It’s my understanding that to check a yoyo for vibe, I’m to throw a trapeze, then take the loop from my NTH and pinch it between my thumb and forefinger on my TH. After that, I push my thumbnail into the IRG a bit to correct anything relative to my lousy throw. Once the yoyo is calmed down (if needed) then any vibe that is inherent in the actually yoyo will now manifest itself. The reason I ask is because I bought a second run Peak a while ago and thought I’d check for the alleged “legendary CLYW vibe”.After doing the above procedure, I cannot see the yoyo vibrating nor can I see any standing waveforms on the string. I say there is no vibe. My question is…can I believe these results? Can I double check using another method?

Don’t check it with the irg. Pop it up on your finger for a finger grind. You can tell if there’s vibe.

Are you saying I’ll be able to feel the vibe while doing a finger grind? What if I popped it into a finger grind and the landing was less than perfect?

Well if you throw a trapeze, you should be able to put your finger under the yoyo to make it stable. Then after that if you feel it pulsing on your finger, it has vibe.

So, I should throw a trapeze and then put my thumbnail under the yoyo @ six o’clock (not the IRG). Then do the finger grind thing? I’ll try in the morning and report back. Thanks for the input.

Skip the trapeze. Just throw a good sleeper, grab the string about 6-7 inches above the yoyo, raise it to eye level and look at it. Vibe should be visible. For a true test, do it in front of a TV screen. The screen flicker will make any vibe visible.

Exactly. All of this seems so complicated. Just look at the yoyo, and maybe give it a little flick with your finger to cancel out any vibe from your throw.

If after that you don’t feel any noticeable vibe through the string or see the yoyo vibing, then there isn’t any significant vibe. No need to go any further searching for it.

This makes sense. Thanks for the input.

Touching it is essential to eliminating your throw as a variable. If your throw is a bit off, it will look like it vibes before you touch it.

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