list your Clyw yoyos

List your clyw yoyos.

Bonfire Zach Gormley edition
Fg AC2 Clearview station

None, why does it matter what we have anyway?

Zach Horsley?

My fav

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In three years of throwing I now have 18 clyw throws.
I have:
Hulk smash Peak
Shark vs Zombie Beaver OG Bvm
Black Fools Gold Basselope (sb)
Purple on purple acid OG Marmot (Earlier Run)
Solid Green OG Gnarwhal
Clairview Station Blizzard Chief
Clairview Station Blizzard Canvas
Blue with Red splash Fools Gold avalanche(Pretty sure it is 2 shark halves from the svszb colorway)
Caramel Glacier XP
Hulk Smash Blizzard puffin
Fools Gold Hulk Smash Bvm2
Grey Production Yeti
Blizzard first run Ac2
Fools Gold, Gold Nugget Gnarwhal 2
Fools Gold Matsuri Bonfire
28 stories Puffin 2
Hot fire lava New Sasquatch
Clear Orca

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I don’t have a single CLYW. But if you want to send me one of yours, I’d be pretty happy :blush:

Ogopogo BVM
Shark vs Zombie Beaver BVM
FG peak X 2
SB basselope
Fg Avalanche
Stripped polished cheif.
Grey Yeti

I have a gold bonfire and a B grade 28 Stories Avalanche.
Those are my only two yo-yos and I cherish them dearly despite their damage.

I have 2 Fools Gold CLYWs - an Iceberg Wooly Marmot 2 and a Clareview Station (blue/gold) Gnarwhal 2. I said these were fools gold but they play way too smooth for being a fools gold and my WM2 I swear has no flaws whatsoever. At least we know that even a b-grade CLYW can rival many other A-grade throws from other companies in the $50-60 range.

I want to now try one of their A-grades, but kind of hard for me to justify the cost, even though I know they’ll play amazing and runs are extremely limited.

Blue FG Bonfire
Clareview Station FG AC2

I’ve been lucky enough to get rid of all of mine.

I did have a small bearing bvm that I really liked and a really pretty peak. Palli puffin gnarwhal was really neat with the rifle marks as well. Super fun to finger grind with the sound and feel. I think the augie vs. boyd bvm was the best finish for a clyw even if it was yoyofactory that did it. Their latest releases have all felt just a tad bit too heavy for me to enjoy them but it might be that my preferences have just changed over time.

I started buying CLYWs late in the game.

Clyw Wooly Marmot 2 Electric Bacon FG.

Inb4 Stickman crashes the forums with his collection… :stuck_out_tongue:

Red with clear splash bonfire
Gold orca
Black advance scout

delirium dive chief
ashberry Sasquatch
black with copper splash Sasquatch
widow maker cliff
wintergreen peak
raw canvas
silver and copper splash arctic circle 1
blizzard puffin 2
Gold Woolly marmot 2

FG 28 stories Chief
Black Yeti
Grey Yeti
FG Confetti Bonfire

Summit ?

Fools gold glacier express black with silver speckle(or something, no name)
Summit pink
Fools gold bonfire Cyro colorway
Fools gold puffin 2 green
Yeti purple
Avalanche forgot what colorway

I had a ac1, orca and khaki yeti too. I also have a fools gold ac1 and ac2 in the mail.

Jack Rabbit Sasquatch and Camp Caribou Blizzard Chief