list your Clyw yoyos

My collection is mainly CLYW and some YYF but here’s a list of all my CLYW throws.

Analog berry Summit
28 stories wooly marmot 2
Jack rabbit Gnarwhal 2
Blue thistle Avalanche (comeback)
Ash berry Orca
Intergalactic hulk smash Puffin (original puffin)
Black w/ silver speckles Chief
Hulk smash Chief



Plenty of OG Avalanche. Four of them. (Currently my favorite)
Glacier Express
Bonfire (not pictured)
Gnarwhal (not pictured)
LB Bassalope (not pictured)

Why not?


Why not why?

This is going nowhere fast.

Well, I can think of several good reasons why he might want to see the lists. I’m not sure what his reason is for posting, but he might not want us to know the reason. If I had to take a few guesses, I’d say one of these:

  1. He likes CLYW yo-yos, and he wants a general idea what people like to buy from that company. That may be based on the model, colorway, splash/solid, or price such as Fool’s Gold. He may also be curious how his collection stacks up against the other CLYW buyers who frequent the forum.

  2. He wants to see what you have, for the potential to get at it. It is easier to see, if you list them out. Some people don’t post photos on here, and even if he saw a photo, he might not know the date the photo was taken, and whether you still have those yo-yos. It might be a clever way of shopping in the thread that he created, to see if you have something he might want to try to get. After browsing the first 3 pages of the BST, you still don’t know what might be available out there. This general forum gets a lot of traffic, so it might be a way to cut to the chase.

^ Keep all that in mind, when I have you list your YoyoFactory yo-yos. I’m looking for a specific 1/1 yo-yo and determined to find it. :smiley:

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But, I want lots more.

Not related to the topic, but I’m interested to get a CLYW yoyo, but not sure which to get.

Am looking at NEW Sasquatch, Seven Summits, New Avalanche or the Orca.

Any suggestions or opinion? ;D


I just got a Puffin wolverine color way. I’m trying to find out how many there are in the that color way. Does any one know?

One Drop x CLYW Summit

Wooly Marmot 2 Concrete Blizzard
Cheif Intergalactic Hulksmash
Summit Hot fire Lava
Avalanche Red silver and Blue
And hopefully a Yeti soon

You still have the Avalanche! So cool. ;D

Yes I do

Chief, Yozakura
FG Bear Vs Man 2, Black with Copper Speckle
Gnarwhal 2, Ashberry Splash
Cliff, Rootbeer Blizzard
Bonfire, CRYO
Advance Scout, Orange
FG Scout, Pink
Arctic Circle 2, Iceberg
Canvas, Raw (I’ve got some ideas for this one, either custom anodized or powdercoated and later engraved)

clyw Yeti

lets see umm… none. :wink:

Ninja Hurdles Arctic Circle
Northern Lights Chief
Fire Blizzard Bonfire
Pekka Avalanche
Ash Berry Glacier Express
Clareview Station Arctic Circle 2
Jack Rabbit Puffin 2
Grey Yeti
Purple Yeti :slight_smile: