What CLYW’s do you have? My brother just ordered a Fool’s Gold Cliff this morning. ;D

ac ge chief

Hulk Smash Puffin! It fits my style perfectly, and everything behind it has a story. I would never sell it

Dogfish Creek Avalanche, Space Blizzard Puffin, Fire Blizzard Chief, Ash Berry Arctic Circle and (just ordered) Saskatoon Blizzard Fools Gold Cliff.

Arctic Circle, 7075 Chief, 2nd run Chief, Cliff, and Comeback Avalanche.

I currently only own a chief and canvas (and a summit, but thats a collab so slightly different). The Chief is just too good of a yoyo for me to trade away.

In the past, I’ve had a Comeback Ava, FG Ava, Cliff, AC and Wooly Marmot.

I currently own a second run grey Chief, which is my contest go-to, but not much else. I’ve owned a Matterhorn Avalanche, which was awesome, a Campfire, which was rad, and a Hulk Smash Marmot, which was okay.

7th run chief 66g caribou street, 4th run Bear vs Man silver base red splash, arctic circle 1st run grey and blue splash,a Gnarwahal. Does a summit count?

fool’s gold avalanche (the one that came with a tshirt)
1st run grey canvas
blue w/ yellow splash (not the same blue as clareview station) marmot, which is currently lost somewhere.

If I save up another 40 bucks extra, I want to order a 28s fg chief. I was also going to order a fg cliff at the same time, but they sold out. :’(

Gnarwhal is my only true Caribou return top I have to date. I do have a Summit, which is a collab.

Bear vs. Man Round 2:

Cliff (Jack Rabbit Colorway)

I also have a blizzard colorway Comeback Avalanche coming in the mail.

The Cliff is bonkers, needless to say I am liking it quite a bit.

Right now I own the following:

Puffin: Hulk Smash and Zip Zop
Avalanche: Hulk Smash and Enraged Hulk Smash
Chief: Berry Berry and Hulk Smash Fade
AC: Hulk Smash
Gnarwhal: Hulk Smash

I have owned:

Campfire: Raspberry, 28 Stories and clear w/grean speckle
Chief: Silver, 7075 Hulk Smash, Ghost and Saskatoon Berry
Avalanche: 28 Stories, Berry Berry and grey/w purple/green speckle
Puffin: Northern Lights
Cliff: Hulk Smash Fade
Canvas: Dark/light purple fade, grey pick axe, Hulk Smash
Gnarwhal: 28 Stories, green/clear acidwash w/ purple speckle
Wooly Marmot: 28 Stories
Glacier Express: Rock Moss
Sasquatch: Green w/brown speckle
Peak: Sebby Edition
BvM: Grey w/yellow speckle

So yea I have owned my share. I LOVE CLYW… hehe…

In the order I purchased them: a Chief (no idea which run), an Arctic Circle, a Cliff, a Gnarwhal, a Fool’s Gold Avalanche, a Bear vs Man Rd 2, and a Summit.


All I have is my Clareview Station Chief, which I absolutely love. First off I didn’t like it that much, it felt little weird to me, but I have slowly grown to like it.

I have a Cliff coming in the mail. I’m mcyoyo’s brother. :smiley:

Sasquatch: Zach Gormley ed.
Gnarwhal: 28 Stories
Yellow Summit on the way.

My favorite company!! I’ve got multiples of every model except the Wooly Markmont. I’m up to about 70 CLYWs! Love them All!! ;D

I have one of every model. They are all great.


I have always dreamed of owning CLYW throws since I started throwing, and recently its being coming true.

I have:
An Ash Berry Arctic Circle
A Purple FG Avalance
and a faded 28 stories FG chief on the way.